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  1. Graduate students make up 11% of UCSC enrollment.

  2. Well, yes, this would make sense because there are far less graduate students in general than there are undergrads. Less people go to grad school. It’s still true that you can’t really get a PhD from a CSU tho

  3. You didn’t seem genuine in your original comment, but if you truly do want reasons that students go here, despite the housing, then here:

  4. Santa Cruz as suburbia. Hmmm. Should have opted for the housing option at UCSC.

  5. You have absolutely no idea how securing on-campus housing at UC Santa Cruz works (or how ridiculously expensive on-campus housing is), and it shows. So perhaps this would have been a nice opportunity for you to be quiet and read the damn article, in which a nice UC Santa Cruz student explains to you exactly how fucked on-campus housing at UC Santa Cruz is. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then maybe listen to the people who do & are trying to explain it to you.

  6. As someone who just moved from Santa Cruz to the Bay Area, my experience trying to find housing in San Francisco was leaps and bounds better than trying to find housing in Santa Cruz. I cannot emphasize enough how much of an absolute shitshow housing in SC is, especially after the fires in 2020. It also absolutely was not affordable 5 years ago either. Ask any undergrad or grad student that goes to UC Santa Cruz & they can tell you that housing was not “affordable” 5 years ago.

  7. I mean, to be fair, I’m pretty sure I also saw & commented on that video you’re talking about, and I am also anti-porn. So it’s safe to say there are probably a number of other people making these connections as well, and many of them are probably in that comment section of that video.

  8. You know, funny enough when I first heard Bauhaus some 7 years ago, I heavily disliked their music at first. In fact, I kind of hated it. I think it was just so different to what I was expecting & I just wasn’t prepared for it.

  9. Reason guys watch porn are these girls. In the background with cleavage black bra

  10. She’s literally not wearing a bra. I don’t understand where you ppl are getting that from. She’s wearing a spaghetti strap shirt. Go watch her video & the one after.

  11. If you think a spaghetti strap shirt and a bikini top are even remotely the same thing, you’re a fucking idiot and have apparently never been around women in real life lmao. I don’t know what else to tell you.

  12. Isn't Will like the polar opposite of autistic? Autistic people can often struggle with cognitive empathy where as Will is basically pure cognitive empathy.

  13. Not all autistic people struggle with empathy actually! Or, rather, we do all kind of struggle with it to a certain extent, but it’s not always a lack of it. It’s very common for autistic women and girls, in particular, to develop hyper-empathy even to a point where it can become detrimental.

  14. Excessive sexuality in media? Sure. But I really don't see the big deal with nude beaches. The naked body shouldn't be inherently sexual, that's part of the problem imo.

  15. I agree that the naked body isn’t inherently sexual & there’s nothing wrong with nude beaches. However, my issue with nude beaches is that there’s often not enough signage to let you know that’s what it is before you find out the hard way.

  16. Kinda hard not to when so many modern movies and TV shows have them. You’re misplacing the overarching blame for this problem, and by doing that, the problem is never going to get better.

  17. If you think there’s not a huge growing number of nude scenes in movies and TV, then I’m sorry, but you’re just not paying attention.

  18. I myself didn't really get into Bowie until I learned about his Ziggy costumery. I am a male-born nonbinary person, but back in 1977, there wasn't really such a concept. I remember resenting others who claimed to like him when I thought I myself was like him. I have a now-defunct website about androgynes as they were known before the terms genderqueer and nonbinary (then called non-binary gender variant) replaced it:

  19. Bowie renounced his bisexuality but then I believe he also came back later & said he only said that because of the fact that it was all people were focusing on & asking him questions about. I’m sorry I don’t have a source for this right now off the top of my head. Either way, his relationships with both/all genders throughout the decades have been pretty well-documented and spoken about.

  20. I’ve had this experience with every movie I’ve gone to see recently. In the past 6 months or so, I’ve seen Scream 5, The Batman, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Men, Crimes of the Future, Nope, Bodies Bodies Bodies, The Invitation, and Barbarian. So a lot of movies. And at EVERY SINGLE ONE, the crowd was obnoxious. Talking the whole time, being rude, being loud, making unnecessary comments. At Scream, someone was throwing popcorn at this guy in the row in front of me, and he almost started a fight with me because he thought it was me.

  21. Thoughts on whether we would date someone with an OnlyFans or thoughts on whether we think not wanting to date someone with an OnlyFans means we’re an “insecure loser”?

  22. I’m curious where the “death” part in particular came from. Is it just because deathrock songs were often talking about “darker” topics, like death? Or was there another reason “death” was applied as a descriptor of their music?

  23. It’s biological. It serves an evolutionary purpose to be sexually attracted to people. It’s not normal to never think of somebody in a sexual way.

  24. True, but it’s also not normal to think of everybody in a sexual way at all times. And that’s the point we’ve gotten to in society

  25. Besides the fact that I am a man that explained something, how is that mansplaining? I’m genuinely curious what exactly offended you.

  26. You absolutely were not mansplaining lol. OP just doesn’t know how to use that word appropriately haha

  27. For me, it always depends what type of caffeinated drink it is. Like with caffeinated soda, I’m fine. It doesn’t cause anxiety. Yerba Mate is also fine and doesn’t cause anxiety unless I have too much of it, and most tea is fine as well.

  28. Friday the 13th (1980). Really the only gore is when Jack gets a tracheotomy by arrow up through the throat and when the REAL villain loses their head.

  29. I’m pretty sure I remember there being a sex scene w/ some nudity in Friday the 13th, so that would break OP’s no sex rule. But I definitely second Orphan and Happy Death Day

  30. Oh, now that I think about it, you’re right. The scene I was thinking of is in the second Friday the 13th

  31. Her body shape is none of my business and I don’t think being “well-endowed” or not has anything to do with anything. I never said her shoulders were porn, nor am I personally attracted to her.

  32. I’ve seen the actual video and she’s literally not wearing a bikini top. I don’t know where you got this from. It’s not particularly low cut, it’s a full-length shirt, and it’s not even a halter top, nor does it tie in the back. All it really shows is her shoulders.

  33. Okay, my mistake in what the clothing appeared to be. It’s exposing to me more than it is it you and we aren’t going to agree on that but can try understanding each other’s perspectives. I don’t know how much more going back and forth on this at this point is worth to any of us. The overall points for me are still the same in regards to my distaste for aspects like this of social media because I think there’s so much better possible, especially for young women. I find the whole popular schtick of this sort of stuff both silly and sad (

  34. I’m not going to go back and forth anymore because you’re right, we’re not going to agree. I just wanted to clear up the bikini thing because you’d mentioned it multiple times & it’s misleading. Thank you for clearing that up.

  35. They often confuse immature jealousy with matured respect for human dignity.

  36. And even if their partner IS jealous about them looking at other women (who they probably look nothing like because, let’s face it, people are usually getting off to people that don’t look like their partners), that’s still a valid thing to be jealous about.

  37. Saying that cheating is only “hooking up” with someone other than your partner is implying that kissing/other romantic gestures outside of sex wouldn’t be considered cheating, which is a crock of bullshit considering most monogamous people would not be okay with their partners doing anything physical with another person (and that includes kissing and often cuddling). Every relationship is different, of course, but most monogamous people would not be okay with those things going on in their relationships. It’s pretty universally considered “cheating.” And that’s not even getting into emotional cheating/emotional affairs. That commenter sounds like he’s trying to justify his own cheating by saying “cheating is only hooking up with a potential mate”

  38. The comments have gotten significantly better since it was first posted, which is nice. There are a lot of people now telling OP that it’s okay to have that boundary & she can find people who agree with her, and they’re getting lots of upvotes!

  39. I don’t understand why people are incapable of recognizing that there is a difference between curiosity about sex/masturbation and porn. They’re not synonymous & you don’t need porn in order to be curious about sex or to masturbate. It’s seriously so frustrating.

  40. Masturbation has been an accomplice to the p addiction for basically everyone, so why trust it? That's not smart.

  41. I have never had an issue w/ porn, but I do masturbate regularly, so it’s simply not true that masturbation and porn addiction go hand in hand for everyone. Many people, myself included, have never used porn to masturbate and will never use porn to masturbate.

  42. How is My Year Of Rest and Relaxation a girl boss book? The whole plot is a girl who decides to be on drugs for a year and withdraw from society.

  43. The joke about “male manipulator” or “female manipulator/girl boss” isn’t about the content of the book/movie/show itself. The joke is that a lot of shitty men or women watch/read that media and then misinterpret it or find it relatable when they’re supposed to be repulsed by the characters/actions they’re seeing. That’s the joke. So another female example of “girl boss” media is the movie Midsommar, which a lot of toxic women view as a girl boss narrative instead of the nightmare fuel it was intended as. A famous example for men is Fight Club. A lot of toxic men watch that movie and then somehow come to the conclusion that they relate to Tyler Durden or think it’s some kind of positive story about him, even though it’s not and is actually critiquing toxic masculinity culture. There’s nothing wrong with the media itself, people are just making fun of the fact that certain stories or music or whatever tends to attract a lot of crap people to it, who then misinterpret it and make it their whole personality.

  44. A term used by probable misandrists to describe someone they dont like or is benefiting from systems of oppression and hierarchy that they are too fucking lazy or stupid to dissect beyond the individual. If you ever meet a self described male manipulator they are insane or joking. Anyone who can clearly assess someone else as being manipulative knows that their manipulation begins outside of their personal interests and is rooted entirely in their psyche, not an interest of surreal fiction or the smiths.

  45. My guy, the term “male manipulator” is literally just an internet joke about men who habitually lie to or gaslight their girlfriend’s. You are taking it WAY too seriously & also misinterpreting what the term is referring to. It’s not the fact that they listen to The Smiths that makes them manipulative. It’s a joke about a lot of manipulative men also happening to listen to The Smiths (or whatever else is deemed “Male manipulator”). You are taking an internet meme way too seriously.

  46. 22 & I’ve had a helluva time even trying to find FRIENDS that don’t watch it or don’t try to normalize it. It really sucks.

  47. It’s my favorite song of theirs. I wish it got as much love as Never Let Me Down Again, which is also a great song, because then maybe they’d play it live more.

  48. Bauhaus has a lot of very silly lyrics, some of which others have already said, so my contribution is from “Small Talk Stinks”:

  49. This was my first thought when I saw this post! Such a silly but great song

  50. I know right! I kind of imagine Batman being a Bauhaus or SoM kind of guy.

  51. I’d have ascended if they’d put some goth music in the Batman movie that came out earlier this year lol

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