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  1. Wait, so are we talking like, Beast Wars?

  2. Yes, and you can see Cheetor in one of the scenes at the end.

  3. The franchise got rebooted with the Bumblebee movie, which cleaned up a lot of the design mess among other things.

  4. You mean no more swinging wrecking balls?

  5. Sprint used UE Relay on many small cells a few years ago.

  6. There's at least 70 years of culture working against it if you live in the US. Beards went out of style and were seen as unprofessional in a business/corporate setting.

  7. I think it depends on the type and length of your beard. Mine, for example, is grown out to about a #2 on a clipper and I routinely run a machine over it to keep it level and neat on my face.

  8. I don’t know about the “not white enough” part. She can pass for white with relative ease. I feel like most Rs don’t even know she’s Indian.

  9. Most people do not know she is Indian.

  10. When she ran for office, her being indian was a talking point....against her.

  11. Yeah that sounds about right though.

  12. I live in Jersey, used to live in NYC. Taxes and fees are approximately $6-$9 per line.

  13. She's so beautiful! That sweet, sleeping face.

  14. Using my own modem and router, I average anywhere from 800-920mbps DL and about 48-52mbps UL, on wired connections of course. This is pretty much consistent throughout the day and night.

  15. Unless something changed, didn't 343i go on record and say that the show exists in a completely different timeline and that some core concepts and themes would show up but the show was always intended to be a standalone offering?

  16. No, there was an entire waypoint post about it, and many subsequent follow-up ones as well highlighting the Silver Timeline as the 'show canon'.

  17. So wait, you are saying they are making it impossible to count the votes so they can blame Democrats for not counting the votes?

  18. Gotta say, that Battle Rifle is pure sex.

  19. I just returned back from Canada. This is the text I got:

  20. I was in Canada for a week and got the Enjoy 5GB of data message.

  21. Yeah I don't get the "Halsey bashing" complaint at all. It makes complete sense that once the war ends and people start to find out what she did they'd hate her

  22. It’s not just Halsey bashing, it’s the fact that literally 1/4 of ONI was working alongside her. Every action was signed off on and blessed.

  23. Damn now you’re gonna make me check mine

  24. Samsung Knox is a hardware-based security platform integrated into the Samsung devices. It provides granular control and security beyond Android capabilities.

  25. Ahi shit here we go again. Struggled my ass of on insanity mode as an infiltrater. This level was not fun.

  26. Easy trick, don’t enter the area, stay by the door and use your scope to take out both scions. Cuts the battle in half.

  27. Even if you flash it the device may or may not work right. Unlike the flagship devices, the first 5G Samsung devices were designed to be carrier specific.

  28. but can the N976V firmware for verizon be flashed on a unlocked N976U from att?

  29. No I think the drivers wouldn’t be on the binary for the modem if it’s different hardware

  30. This is really funny after all the ads about making your text messages your text messages (ignoring the obvious big brother meta).

  31. That was my first reaction reading this article.

  32. Rocko’s Modern Life defined my childhood

  33. As a director of solution architects for one of the largest companies in the world, can tell you that #1 is pretty much a no-brainer, as well as #4 and #5.

  34. Can someone tell me the difference between COO, CFO and CEO? I know UFO.. I’m norwegian btw

  35. I love mine. Bought a rugged travel case so I can bring it with me on business trips.

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