1. Bitstream should be the equivalent of passthrough. However I believe the Xbox One X outputs Atmos using the Dolby MAT codec that requires more bandwidth than the ARC standard allows. For background, Atmos can be transmitted using one of three codecs: DD+ (lossy, used by all commercial streaming services, compatible with ARC), Dolby MAT (uncompressed LPCM + metadata overlay, requires eARC or direct connection to sound system), or TrueHD (lossless, used primarily on Blu-ray, requires eARC or direct connection to sound system). You need a set that has HDMI eARC, a soundbar with an additional HDMI input, or an adaptor such as the HDFury Arcana.

  2. I’ve had the 7.1.4 system since 2019. It replaced a traditional AVR and wired 5.1 speakers. Initially I didn’t have the right stands for the rears so I placed the sub and surrounds exactly as my previous speakers were but the results left me underwhelmed. Once the new stands arrived, I rearranged my living room so I could come close to Nakamichi’s

  3. I did. The i4 M50 deeply disappointed. Other than blinding fast acceleration, the experience was boring. Just an electrified, mediocre 3-series that’s a couple of steps backwards from the high point of the E90. The iX on the other hand pleasantly surprised. It’s got the quirky spirit of the i3 though it’s much too large and obscenely expensive. The rear-wheel steering allows it to handle like a much smaller, lighter vehicle. Even though on paper I can afforded a $90k vehicle, my conscious won’t allow such an expenditure.

  4. I haven’t driven the Ionic 5–and have no desire to because it’s much too large for my needs—but I had a similar experience when the Bolt was released. It’s why I’m on my third i3 and plan to drive the 2021 until one of us dies.

  5. If any system can work in a high ceiling environment, it’s probably the Sony HT-A9 because of the way it self calibrates. But agree with the advice to purchase from a retailer that allows returns.

  6. I’ve had the Nakamichi 7.1.4 since 2019. Very happy with it. Sound is very immersive. Do you plan to use content source that requires eARC such as Blu-ray or ATV4K? If not, you’ll be fine with the older ARC-only model.

  7. I read into this more - I think I understand more what the 'incompatibility' is.

  8. What is your content source? You mention Apple TV. If you’re using an Apple TV 4K that could be the issue. It decodes audio itself then sends Atmos as Dolby MAT that requires more bandwidth than the ARC standard allows. Ironically you can play content from the same apps on a Fire TV or Roku and those devices will passthrough the Atmos DD+ bitstream over ARC for your sound system to decode and play.

  9. I would contact Nakamichi support directly. Something sounds off. My Shockwave 7.1.4 passes DV to my TCL 6-series from either an ATV4K or Blu-ray player connected to the soundbar’s HDMI ports.

  10. Can’t speak to connection issues but vaulted ceilings will impact any system that relies on acoustic reflections to generate its 3D sound bubble. The varying angles in such rooms means the results are unpredictable. There’s no way of knowing if you’ll be satisfied with a system’s performance until it’s in the space. If I had such a room, I’d only buy from a retailer that allows returns.

  11. There’s no independent, peer-reviewed research proving that blue light filters deliver the claimed results.

  12. All Amtrak trains from the south serve NY Penn Station, which is at 34 St and Eighth Ave. Carnegie Hall is at 57 St and Seventh Ave. To this former New Yorker, 20-something blocks is very walkable. But if you take a cab due to luggage and/or weather, it will be a quick ride. Depending on time of day when you arrive, you might spend more time in the taxi line than the actual cab.

  13. I have a Dot 3, several Dot 4 as singles and in a stereo pair, Echo 4 pair, and Studio pair + Sub. We use the Dots in bathrooms and as bedside alarm clock radios. Particularly in stereo, they sound better than any alarm clock we’ve had. The Echo 4 pair replaced a bookshelf system in our home office. Again, it sounds better than its predecessor. The Studio set is on our main floor—an open space living/dining/kitchen that’s 700 sq ft. They easily fill it with rich sound. I’ve even routed my turntable through them with a Link so don’t miss the previous components and wired speakers at all.

  14. Dots have a single speaker. The 4 has a 1.6” while the 5 uses 1.73” driver. In contrast the Echo 4 has three speakers—a 3.0” woofer and two 0.8” tweeters. The result is a fuller range of sound, more volume, and less distortion.

  15. I have a Nakamichi 7.1.4 paired with my TCL 6-series. Never experienced an audio delay using the built-in Roku, ATV4K, Fire TV Cube 2, or Blu-ray player. On the lower end, we have the Roku Wireless Speakers paired with the 3-series in our bedroom. Also no audio delay issues though maybe once a year the wifi gets scrambled so you have to unplug each speaker to re-establish the connection.

  16. I have both 3 and 4 Dots. I find the 4 responds faster to commands.

  17. Newest. I have 3 and 4 gen Dots. Newer ones are faster at recognizing commands and have fuller sound. The 3 is shorter if you need to place in a tight area and the speaker fires downward for bass heavier, omnidirectional sound. Otherwise orb design is superior.

  18. Ahh I see, Is there a way to remote start without the app then? I have BimmerCode and Android Auto additon box.

  19. BimmerCode allows you to assign different functions to the key fob buttons. I changed my panic button to frunk open. Climatize now is another option.

  20. Yea, I've made some changes to my fob to open the Frunk, but the panic button doesn't seem to want to do what its coded to instead just acts as only the panic button

  21. Yes, you have to go into Expert mode to change the Panic button.

  22. No, Bluetooth connects to a single Echo speaker. An Echo Link will feed an analogue signal to a stereo pair. I use one to play my turntable through my Studios + sub. But for AM, I just have a number of playlists.

  23. Yes. I only use the RCA inputs on mine but optical in should be the same.

  24. Either should work. ATV4K automatically senses if the connection/hardware supports Atmos then shows the option in Settings.

  25. Ford v Ferrari rightly received an Oscar for sound editing.

  26. You won’t find it. ATV4K alone among streaming boxes decodes all audio itself. It outputs Atmos as Dolby MAT (uncompressed LPCM + Atmos metadata) that requires more bandwidth than the ARC standard allows. I’m in a similar situation with a 2018 TCL 6-series that’s ARC-only. The only way I can get Atmos from ATV4K is to connect it directly to my soundbar with multiple HDMI inputs. However my Fire TV Cube and built-in Roku apps can send Atmos content through the TV over ARC because they passthrough the audio stream to the sound system for decoding. You’re going to have to get a soundbar with additional HDMI inputs or a different streaming box. Sorry.

  27. The only option I’ve heard of working with ATV4K + Sonos Arc + ARC-only TV is the HD Fury Arcana. The problem with most splitters is that the ATV4K tests the connection and will not offer Atmos if it can’t sense a compatible sound system.

  28. 1, though both are sitting too high on the left and need adjustments.

  29. If you want a theater-like experience, you need rear surrounds. Would you Bose deal include their rears? If not, strongly consider the Nakamichi.

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