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  1. Borderlands 2 vr. Or even better A vr port of borderlands 3

  2. I think your cameras will automatically recalibrate. If they don’t, you can just schedule to get it done with your service center afterwards.

  3. Thank you. What model and year is your Tesla. I am thinking maybe that is why we are getting conflicting answers to the calibration question

  4. When you get your car back from the appointment you will either have to press the calibrate cameras button from the menu or Safelite will have already pressed that for you. Then drive a mix of city and highway with you passing cars or they passing you on both sides of you in both situations. (that covers most of the things needed to calibrate quickly)

  5. Thanks. Was this your experience? I only ask because some people are saying Tesla have to do the calibration and some are saying use the button in the car

  6. How did you not see a giant tire in the middle of a freeway.

  7. Had AP on and going 85. Car in front of me moved and by the time saw it I didn’t have time react

  8. I am going to universal tomorrow. What rides am I going to have issues with there ?

  9. Yep the test vehicles at the entrance lights weren’t working so they had me go up. I got pulled off trying to ride. Also at gringotts. The chair I think would work but the legs are keeping my knees bent so the bar doesn’t come down enough. I asked if I could do a tour of the ride they said no.

  10. If you're seeing anything about amps, it's not a supercharger.

  11. No I am at a supercharger. And I see amps in the Tesla app. When I unplug the car on the charging menu it lets me adjust the amps but will not go above 32a. In the app while supercharging it says 32a

  12. It's irrelevant to superchargers, that's why you can't change it. It's greyed out, not applicable.

  13. We ate there last time we went to HS, the food was MEH... $$$ our car was waaay over on the right side of the screen so our view was not great. I didnt care for it

  14. It's a bit ridiculous, it is literally a checkbox to allow the IOS version to be downloaded on M1 macs. Since they don't support Mac OS on

  15. It's a checkbox to allow it to be downloaded, yes - but an iOS version doesn't adapt that well to a MacOS environment without adjustments for screen sizes etc. Even I as a indie developer with games on iOS am not that interested in releasing them for MacOS. People looking to play iOS games on a mac is simply a super small target group, and once you're there, it's basically another platform to test for and support.

  16. I disagree. Why not put the thing on as many platforms as possible as it will rake in cash from micro transactions. It already supports game controllers And mouse and keyboard for pc. I don’t see how it’s that hard to either port the iOS version to Mac m1 or just make a port that runs natively on Mac Os

  17. Just got the same error, in Houston as well service requested but a week out , and this is the new cypress location too , westchase is 3 weeks out. The new location they don’t have loaner avb but Uber credit provided… what’s your total turn around on the battery in the end ?

  18. I just got the same error on the weekend. Brought it in yesterday and they told me it would be 6-8 weeks for the high voltage battery pack…

  19. they told me 3 month but it ended up being three weeks

  20. I would love to see this...gimme that at 99 sub not 199... I would be happy

  21. So it’s possible that my 2021 came with radar? How can I tell? Can I physically see a difference?

  22. You'd have to disassemble the front trunk bay ... not pretty. But that said, what would be your goal?

  23. just curious.... Mine is a 2021 model 3 so I guess its possible but wanted to know if there is a way to know for sure .. I thought Radar was disabled by software updates

  24. That is possible I guess… I sometimes park in the driveway so some kid could have thrown an egg

  25. Just took to the car wash didn’t come out

  26. I had this and mine is in the shop currently getting a new battery on my M3LR

  27. Let me know when you pick it up, I'm curious to know the timeframe from drop-off to completion.

  28. Dropped it off April 14 and just picked it up today

  29. Me too...error message BMS_a029 " Maximum Battery Level reduced"

  30. I got it on mine too after an accident with a rock. 336 range was the max. Mine car was 21 model 3 LR

  31. yea mine before the replace was 335 on a 100% charge

  32. Which government are you talking about. There are many governments around the world, it would be useful to know which one we are discussing.

  33. Sorry I am in the untied states so the US govt

  34. Funny, I heard this same argument yesterday from a friend of a friend. Must be a talk track on Fox News lately or something. I’m not aware of subsidies for charging stations in the past, but they are part of the infrastructure bill that passed last year, so they’re coming. What makes EVs cheaper for me is not supercharging since Tesla raised rates late in 2021. It’s free local charging and home charging.

  35. Yes, the person is a big watcher of Fox News...if that keys into anything. I had not heard they have been subsidizing Superchargers but that is what he was implying. Also, he argued that 2gallons of gasoline=34KWhr of electricity. I called that BS! No way that I charge my car with 64 KWhr of charge and 4 gallons of gasoline gets the same range.

  36. In my experience, I can only get autopark to trigger in very specific circumstances such as clearly marked parallel parking with cars on either end but not crowding the space. It should indicate a "P" on your screen if it sees a space.

  37. The auto park I finally figured out and it works about 75 % of the time. I tried a few spots and it would work but a few times it would give up half way through parking. I have not tried it with other cars next to me only empty spaces

  38. I bought my M3LR at my local CarMax. It’s great !!! No shame here….

  39. Borderlands 3 and the division 2 a close second

  40. The bottom of my garage has some kind of rubber on it. I have closed the garage on my cable many times, and it's been good for 3 years so far. Lol. Not saying that my experience may be different from yours -- but my cable still works like a champ with no wear/tear.

  41. yes after you said this mine has a hard plastic lining on the bottom. I hope mine is the same. I just added an upside-down furniture pad with the soft pad side towards the cable and the hard plastic towards the door.

  42. Here is my solution. I found a furniture moving pad and turned it upside down over the cable so the soft foam would be pressing on the cable under the door, not the door itself. Hopefully, that will be ok for the cable. I added a pic to the original post

  43. You’re not doing anything wrong, that’s just how it works.

  44. Thanks for the tip. Do you ever get the feeling other drivers are pissed off my your autopilot uses

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