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  1. it’s been 8 months though, nothing has really progressed and he’s only talked to me about 4 times. two times to compliment my shirt, one telling me goodnight ( school is at nighttime for us ) and asking me something. i do agree with friendships coming mutually, but idk if its ever gonna happen. also yeah lol i overreact a lot

  2. Relax. Don't think of it as a score you need to reach, but rather something that comes naturally, it would help soothing your anxiety when you meet him next time.

  3. Dear Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop. Broke me out so, so bad 😭

  4. Oh that's so odd.I still have my bottle and keep it in a cabinet under the sink.. it hasn't changed at all!

  5. How long have you keep it there? Cuz this one is known for its fast color changing. I kept mine in a box, away from the light and it changed to quite lightet yellow afte 2 months or smth.

  6. I like it, but I prefer it as a nickname for Estelle/Estella rather than a standalone name.

  7. ME! and You Need To Calm Down, neither of which I want to hear on the Eras Tour after that queue experience. We have suffered enough!

  8. These two songs has great background stories (Tay's ED and LGBT+) but the songs are so bad and it is genuinely so annoying.

  9. Taylor talked about in Miss Americana? She says the song meant alot to her cuz of it?

  10. I have been equally obsessed with both and tbh, at least you can get some pretty interesting infos here if you lurk at the right subreddits.

  11. And Jisoo too! Her styles screams vintage oldie, stuff that's picked up from grandma's closet. Very minimal and simple, has that old money vibe/look.

  12. More like Ace but it never really cross my mind until i connected all the dots and pieces, and like yeah.

  13. ohh you have my skin type. Buy these and you won’t regret it!

  14. Thanks alot for the recommendation! I was debating between Beauty of Joseon and Cosrx sunscreen.

  15. between the two i would choose the cosrx one 💕

  16. It's simple and beautiful. My sister's English name is also May!

  17. It's either Klairs Vitamin E sleeping mask or Badskin's Ssuk Bomb, both are thick enough for moisture and calm enough for my senstive skin.

  18. It's the best cream ever😭. Texture is just amazing and unique. It is thick and moist. I don't prefer creams that are thick and sort of dry feeling, which are most creams that I've tried. It's extremely soothing, cooling, and does calm redness. I use it with the Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask on top :) It is hydrating but if you have dry skin, I think you will want something to seal it in!

  19. Is it a phase for hardcore stan cuz i had that denial delusional coping mechanism when things was tough too lmao. They are probably still young, the bubble would break eventually when they get a reality check (hopefully).

  20. She started when she was 18 and there are an insane number of men who are obsessed with teenagers in porn.

  21. Thats creepy as hell omg. The way being creepy was so normalized back then.

  22. Damn. Guessed i expected more, i thought we could've at least evolved a bit more than this. My bad. ☹

  23. It smells and clean sooo good! But those with acne prone skin be aware cuz this stuff has mineral oil in it.

  24. Between this one and Amuse Dew Tint, which one would y'all recommend?

  25. The difference between a good haircut and a bad 2 weeks!

  26. What's really bad is it does not fit the face tbh but yeah ill let it grow out and see where it goes XD

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