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  1. Keep women’s bodies out of our laws then. Idc about your views on religion. I’m just stating it’s not given to you to ruin lives that were created. May god have mercy on you.

  2. Lol. A soul isnt created because a sperm got into an egg for a couple days. God doesnt give anybody rights because the christian god does not exist. People give eachother rights through the mutual consent of a constitution and the democratic process. Keep your religion to yourself.

  3. Keep you’re sadistic ways to yourself and stop ending lives that have just begun. Quit pushing you’re “women bodies” bs. That’s the stylist argument I’ve ever heard of tbh. At the point of conception there is no woman’s body. It’s the child’s. It’s your duty to bring that life into the world and to take care of it.

  4. Bottom line keep your religious views out of womens bodies. If you dont want an abortion dont get one. Mind your own business.

  5. Correct. Ornate, high end finishes, few copycat architectural features… just a standard ugly mansion.

  6. Stanton I’d be okay with but Gallego is just an attention seeking jackass whose angry and mean all the time and feels entitled to the Senate seat for no reason. He wanted to run for Kelly’s seat before the party basically told him to stand down because it was choosing Kelly, and that was an excellent choice, because Kelly is electable. I’m not sure how re-electable Sinema is, but Gallego does not seem very electable. His campaign will be way too inflammatory and based in negativity, and he’s basically already running for the primary, 4 fucking years out instead of doing his job. Truly cannot stand that guy

  7. Your personal opinion of him aside, Gallego a5 the very least will vote in ways that the vast majority of democratic voters want.

  8. So is Sinema other than a few issues. I’m open to a replacement but the fact of the matter is that she helped us pass extremely important legislation and she can do it again. If she’s re-electable then I don’t want to risk losing the seat to Republicans who won’t vote for ANYTHING I want

  9. No. Because of the koch donations and the her voting record she absolutely must be replaced. I will vote for her over someone like Blake Masters but its absolutely essential that she is replaced.

  10. I'm a big Cleveland guy but I don't even know what to do with this.

  11. In all seriousness the mods are banning trolls left and right.

  12. There is no disagreeing about the facts. The facts show the election wasnt stolen. Its not a disagreement. Its denial of reality. Its basically flat earth nonsense or Qanon nonsense. We will see if Arizonas voters are as sick of this nonsense as I think they are. Lake is full blown batshit crazy. Full on cult of looney tunes.

  13. Well. When there is no evidence that any fuckery had an effect on the outcome of the election. It IS the same. Arguing a point that you want to be true but KNOW is not. Thats motivated reasoning. Kari lake does not share the same reality that the rest of us share based upon the facts. Its almost pointless to try and differentiate if she actually believes what she is saying. She is just trying to win by saying things that are demonstrably false. All politicians lie or do some maneuvering, but denying a basic reality should disqualify her from office. Were going to see if the majority of voters agree.

  14. I think the way they wrote the title does leave something to be desired but from my take on the actual post its just more talking about the power of direct action and the protests.

  15. I really can't say I hate it or falls under MM to be honest. Simple architecture, symmetrical & the windows all work. From the front the garage does look like an afterthought but looks fine from the rear. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I don't have any problems with this house.

  16. But why cant they ever buy a bush or a shrubbery?

  17. Yes. Arizona resident checking in, connected garages make sense. Well insulated garages are even better.

  18. I think that of the Pefoks, Ferreiras, Sargents, etc in the striker pool, Wright is on the outside looking in from Gregg's eyes. The comments postgame for Haji were really unfortunate. I like him. I think he needs a better look.

  19. He came out and said that Haji didn't play well (he wasn't great but wasn't horrible) and definitely came off as if Haji wasn't the guy.

  20. Ohhhhh. Got it. I was hoping Haji didnt say something inflammatory.

  21. You might get a better response if you commented on the article rather than made random comments. Please see our rules in the sidebar.

  22. Cool. I would have to admit that the moderation in here has been a good thing but it has not been consistently exercised.

  23. He’s saying it’s an anomaly caused by the process of image stiching, so why wouldn’t they edit the anomalies out if its being altered.

  24. He? You were the one who asked the question.

  25. Christian naltionlism is the immediate threat.

  26. Ok, but what does that have to do with someone threatening prominent British TERFs in relation to Rushdie getting attacked by a Muslim fundamentalist?

  27. Christian nationalists are an immediate danger to the United States and are attempting in not so subtle ways to overthrow the government. Extremist muslims in the United states are an order of magnitude less of a threat.

  28. I will make it easy for you. She is a piece of shit. I will vote for her over someone like Blake Masters. She should be primaried and i hope she loses.

  29. I got a 7 day ban a few weeks ago for calling these guys Nazis and Terrorists.

  30. They can, but they shouldn't have to, unless the investments are in something that the destination broker doesn't support. Then they can sell just those investments before the transfer, which may, unfortunately, require talking to the person they're trying to get away from.

  31. Most companies will have a customer service number that can place a trade to liquidate without having to talk to the broker.

  32. Wikipedia 😂 . Okay okay I'll give the benefit of the doubt to you, I'm lazy and dont want to dig through pages of google result for "hilary Clinton obama muslim", maybe she didnt start it, but she sure as hell insinuated and spread it once it was out its undeniable.

  33. the words you type are a mass of confusion and weirdness. Lay off the drugs and learn to articulate your ideas with corroborated information and falsifiable evidence.

  34. Explain to me how you dont understand the effect by example

  35. Guess the Cuyahoga got cleaned up.

  36. I grew up in Ohio and thought the whole history of the cuyahoga was fascinating and I thought would be a great conversation starter (I mean, what undergrad student doesn’t want to discuss potentially obscure rivers in northeast Ohio?). I told one of my undergrad biology professors in Tennessee about the cuyahoga and how it not only caught on fire, it flows north.

  37. Sometimes the outflow of the Ohio River is larger than the Missouri and the Mississippi at the points they converge.

  38. Relatively speaking they are nothing to the proud boys. That was the whole point.

  39. Left does not mean democratic. Authoritarianism and Libertarianism both exist to varying degrees on both the Right and Left.

  40. The tendency to associate the left with democratic ideals is absolutely 100 percent correct.

  41. If only we could put all the rightwing candidates on oprah to sell bullshit.

  42. Me, I would tell him he was about to experience intense indoctrination.

  43. "A lot of people believe silly things. You remember when you found out Santa wasn't real but there were still some kids who believed in him? Just smile and nod and say 'that's nice' and talk about something else."

  44. Im going to add something like this for sure.

  45. Yeah that's what they said about Trump and Hillary too. Why anyone would want to play with fire like that is beyond me. Lake spent years as a news anchor while the weakest point for Hobbs is her complete lack of charisma. This Pied Piper strategy is just asking for the most extreme candidate to end up as governor.

  46. Robson would be harder to beat in the general election than Lake. Robson is a moderate country club conservative, very popular within the real estate industry, and just pretending to be far-right to try to get more primary votes.

  47. I think this is the correct take. Im not a betting man but the question really comes down to do you think Hobbs WILL beat either Robson or Lake. If so then supporting the person Hobbs (in all probability) will beat is an effective strategy. If Hobbs will likely beat neither Lake nor Robson that supporting the less destructive candidate is preferable. Robson seems to be the old school greedy and corosive conservative. Lake the new form of Batshit fascism and loyalty to the wanna be dictator.

  48. Actually she thought it was crap law: ""Doctrinal limbs too swiftly shaped...may prove unstable."

  49. I can stop at the RGB quote because you are cherry picking a portion.... and not continuing on to the point she was making.... she thought it didnt protect women ENOUGH.... you are just flat out wrong about it.

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