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  1. My wife is a religious believer and I’ve tried stuff from the Sumerians, Egyptian, Emerald Tablets, Sumerian Tablets, Nag Hammadi, etc. etc. I explained everything about how this world work and how is being manipulated—she knows I’m on the right track regarding what is going on, but she’s unable to detach herself from the religion. Like she has no free will. It’s been like this for 8 years, me subtly bringing stuff to her in small amounts to avoid overwhelming her. As of right now I can tell you that she is incapable of leaving it. Like she has no autonomy.

  2. Are you saying she wants to leave it tho? Why can't her free will choice be to continue practicing her religion?

  3. I'm 37 and started manifesting youthfulness this year to great results. I'm never spending money on that stuff again. I now believe aging may be just another illusion that we don't have to buy into.

  4. I get feedback from my environment like that. It's not inherently good or evil, but in the eye of the beholder.

  5. You would have to forget about them to destroy them. stop all attention and focus directed to them. That will be hard to do with a strong emotional attachment.

  6. Beautiful post! Thank-you for this I'm 100% going to try it.

  7. All of that sounds true at once. The way Jesus taught of forgiveness and compassion is the correct way of this reality as far as I believe. The Bible does say Jesus is God but in the same way that we are all God. God is inside us, accessible through meditation and nature. And it's possible there is archon programming that uses Jesus's image to trick people when they die.

  8. You are blessed by God. You wouldn't be called to do this work otherwise.

  9. right? like how the fuck can you learn anything if your memory gets wiped every damn time. the entire concept of learning depends on memory.

  10. maybe its like groundhog day, just with location and characters changed every day. but the same cycles/lessons are repeated until the "lesson is learned"

  11. Personally, learning to heal the abandonment wounds from my childhood has actually helped me better my life by ending repeating patterns of suffering in my close relationships. This only benefits me and not our overlords, since less loosh is being produced.

  12. Forgiveness of any grudges and yourself, grace, patience

  13. The real enemy is ignorance and religion/new age, not fear. One can be scared but do courageous things. Forgiveness is not the way to escape. It can help some people heal, but not everyone.

  14. They do the courageous thing by conquering fear tho.

  15. Can you explain what this means in greater detail? What do the imprints mean?

  16. Affirmations, just say and/or write that you are all those things you want to be every day for 3 weeks. Even if you don't believe it at first, you can literally rewrite the program that's been running in your mind since you first felt bad.

  17. I've been following conspiracies that say these are multiple role actors in hyper-realistic skin suits and masks. That could be the real hand coming out...

  18. they are inverted completely, at a base level they gain power from suffering (while we gain ours from inner strength, courage, love). Gender inversion ensures a life of suffering on that individual. Deceit mixed with pride, ultimately shame and guilt are everpresent. Also, their agenda is to confuse us to hate and mutilate our bodies and disconnect from nature/natural order, which gives them power over us.

  19. Whoa, we’re allowed to tell people to fuck off and die on Reddit now? When did this happen??

  20. Seriously, what a disturbing title. I don't need to see so much hate first thing in the morning

  21. A year ago or so i would listen to solfeggio frequencies at night after learning about their healing properties. Found subliminals a few months later and that changed the game

  22. That's so cool, thanks for sharing. Reminds of the show The Sandman kinda. Well I pictured that diner from it, and that show is about dreams. If anyone watches this show, can you confirm to me that Brienne of tarth plays multiple roles in that series including at least 2 in blackface. She's lucifer morningstar and Lucienne for sure. The voice gives it away completely.

  23. I'm doing this!!! It's a new concept for me.

  24. The morning of the day my brother died his wife said to me "I know how bad it is, but I just think he'll pull through." It's comforting to think of the reality where that did happen.

  25. To add to this it originates from free base or free basing, which is the act of preparing and or smoking cocaine treated with ether to make it more potent by removing impurities and enabling it to be smoked. Kinda like crack but more potent.

  26. Isn't free basing also jumping off of really big cliffs with a parachute?

  27. Right, be annoyed with her for the valid reasons that she asks for money for prayers and stuff.

  28. Does anyone know any tarot inspired subs like this? I can't find this one, I think the channel is gone :( it was Kat's subliminals I think.

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