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  1. Titan's quest fits the bill 100% recommend

  2. That’s…. Not how a green screen works.

  3. It's almost as if its a joke not supposed to be taken seriously...

  4. This isn't a hack, it's the opposite

  5. Call me old school, but I like my cards in my hand so I can throw them to my opponent as a last resort

  6. It's just a fucking word mate, get over it

  7. There is nothing in your responses that would suggest otherwise, you plonker

  8. Can someone who knows how to Photoshop edit this picture by cropping the bottom half and place the Brazzers logo right above the face

  9. Because you're too lazy to fact check yourself?

  10. Anyone else sick of this guy sticking his nose in where it doesnt belong?

  11. I trained a model based on SD 1.5 on the face of female Commander Shepard. I picked up a used Tesla M40 on eBay specifically to train on Dreambooth, because I wanted to learn to run everything locally. It's been fun learning how to use SD and trying to use the models in different genres. It was just a little bit of a slap in the face trying to post to somewhere I thought would appreciate it. Guess that's happening everywhere. Oh well.

  12. The world is extremely split on this tech, but it's par for the course.

  13. I follow the Bitcoin Cycle by Bob Loukas and according to it this cycle's bottom is in late Jan 2023

  14. The only valid answer for anyone is hopium. If they say anything else, they're lying.

  15. I'm not talking about the clarity, I'm talking about the redundancy. It's not news in any way.

  16. I would skip straight to Black Mesa tbh

  17. bottom feeders....and there are a lot of them

  18. I wonder what people see in this tier 3 exchanges and decides to put their money in there instead? I mean even tier 1 and 2 exchanges are being insolvent, what more for the less known ones?

  19. They hook them in with unrealistic deals/promises of returns. Just like gambling websites.

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