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  1. I think this is not a good idea, wouldn’t make sense and would make the car key obsolete. I think the charm of the cars is that it’s your own car, that you have to take care of. Along with it being destructible and decaying outside of a car lift, it seems almost made for a normal car key system. Imagine you went to look on the road for cars and found them code locked by some naked passing by.

  2. I wouldn't mind because I could just break the lock.

  3. Is it possible to make the foundation a little higher? When this happens to me I usually raise the foundation and then use half walls instead of normal walls. You could also maybe put a high external stone wall there close enough that they cant walk between.

  4. Yes, it will stay the same name in the directory that you made it even if someone takes it from you.

  5. Omg that is so awesome, great job! Do you sell these or is this just a hobby? Either way, you did a great job and cant wait to see how the wind turbine comes out.

  6. NTA. I highly question someone who can live with a pet for eight years and then can want to discard them like that they are nothing over material objects?

  7. I'm so glad someone made a sims fashion community! I just made my first post.

  8. I've seen active Sims in school. I think it's just luck of the draw... but I'm genuinely considering deleting all the townie teens so my ones can always be there instead.

  9. I actually deleted my npc teens and it did kind of work. Some of my played sims did show up the next day at school but my game just created more NPCs after I had just went through and deleted everyone I didn't play so they were also there.

  10. if you have a workbench level two and have a way to set up electricity you can unlock the modular car lift. This will let you repair all of your parts cheaper than with the hammer and you can modify the vehicle if you get new parts. I always replace the modules with an armored cockpit for more protection and I add a storage module and a good engine.

  11. Getting banned 10+ times.... It sounds like you are exact type of toxic asshole that ruins the game for everyone and I'm glad you are leaving. The OW community will be better off without you in it.

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