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  1. The PSU scope should technically be one of the few scopes in the game that would fit on older Russian weapons such as the SKS and the AK platform, since it attaches using a dovetail mount. For now it's just a starter scope with the appropriate stats to accommodate.

  2. Traditional SKS doesn’t have an optics rail. There are mods you can make to attach a scope in real life, which Tarkov calls the SKS-OP.

  3. Dear Prudence, Rain, and Hey Bulldog by the Beatles

  4. One line I don't see mentioned much here, is the line from Radiohead's "Exit Music (From a Film). It's one of those lines, that even if I don't play it for months, or years, by the third try my muscle memory will kick in and I'll play it for an hour, or until my boyfriend makes me play something else.

  5. Radiohead has some great bass lines. Paranoid Android and Subterranean Homesick Alien are both tons of fun. Bodysnatchers. Morning Bell.

  6. You can get basses with fretboard extension on the E which can make it easier, or even tuner drop sets…actually holy shit that’s it, replace all your tuners with those Hipshot ones, that’d be badass.

  7. Can you share a link to a fretboard extension? I’m curious but only finding stuff for upright bass.

  8. Acoustic bass is generally a novelty unless you mean an upright, but that also uses very different technique.

  9. There are actually “valve trombones” which exist to make trombone tone available to people who only know valve brass instruments like baritone, euphonium, trumpet, flugelhorn, etc.

  10. Valve trombones are very front-heavy and can't adjust intonation as you move up the register. More importantly, playing with a slide looks cooler ;)

  11. they finished most of the US tour. it was an amazing show I got to see.

  12. Shit luck for me, the Detroit show ended up canceled. Could have gone to the Toronto show but chose not to because I had tickets to the Detroit show. No show for me, really disappointed.

  13. I feel you man. Phoenix was in the original five cities but that didn’t happen either.

  14. Dude. Phoenix was in the original five cities, then it got bumped to near the end of the larger tour. I’m still super bummed about what happened.

  15. Does anyone think they’ll remove the mag and ship to WA? I emailed them but haven’t heard back.

  16. I’m guessing yes. I’ve seen a lot of suppliers do this since they banned them. I hear Idaho and Oregon are nice to visit.

  17. Also why is he wearing the strap like that? Isn’t it immensely impractical?…

  18. In this case yes because he is wearing it upside down. When done correctly, a sling is essentially the rifle equivalent of a holster. Without it you’d have to keep it in your hands at all times.

  19. Pretty big scope for having a vertical fucking foregrip designed for cqb.

  20. Barrel is longer than I’d prefer for CQB. Probably just a hunting setup with some tacticool mods because it makes up for his tiny prick. Also it’s upside down 🙃

  21. You should try many more basses first. PBass is like the chicken breast of the bass world. It’s good and versatile and people like it. It’s also sort of boring, IMO.

  22. That's a very good point. I think a Squire bass through a good amp will sound awesome, even in a live setting. In regards to recording, to be honest if I go to a studio the studio will probably have american professionals that I can pick up and record with.

  23. You might be surprised at the actual difference in sound quality between a squire bass and an American fender. Look up some comparison videos on YouTube and see if you can tell the difference or not.

  24. Jazz bass gives you more tonal control since there are two pickups in different positions. They’re also generally more versatile than a P bass for this reason, but each bass has it’s strengths. That said, P bass is the definitive funk bass, and generally just goes with anything. Either would sound great playing 70s soul. Try a few out and go with your heart.

  25. Most guitar stores should have at least some bass books. Any one of them should be fine, though I should also warn you that just because something is in a book is no guarantee that it is more accurate than music or tabs you found online. I’ve seen more than a couple pieces of sheet music with oversimplified parts or even outright mistakes in chord progressions. Your long term goal should be to develop your ear, using either tabs or written music to help you along the way.

  26. Why is it stupid to turn the power off for a week? I think it's stupid they forgot about the food in the fridge but turning the power off isn't a bad idea. There's more risk of an electrical fire, it always costs money, and there's literally no good reason to leave it on!

  27. Do you turn off the mains every time you leave the house? I mean, you wouldn’t want an electrical fire while you’re at the grocery store, right?

  28. Not too often but considering some buildings' electronics are truly fucked up, I'd rather not take the chance. And it's no effort at all?

  29. If your house has electrical fires “not too often” then you have bigger issues to worry about instead of turning off your power.

  30. A great app that I’ve liked is Hook Theory. They used to have free daily puzzles where you would have to listen to a song and write out the melody plus chords.

  31. I’m sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital. There’s really nothing you can do to work on technique, if you’re not able to play.

  32. The watt number on the head means 'probably puts out when turned all the way up'. The watt number on the cab means 'probably won't be damaged by'.

  33. That math is true for parallel speakers. In series you would add them together.

  34. Ibanez makes great instruments that are also cheap. Good tonal options for metal. If you are set on buying new, I’d start there. There should be options around $300-400.

  35. My first bass was a squire with a 15W amp. Someone’s kid decided he didn’t want it any more and I got it for $100. Nothing wrong at all with starting cheap/used and upgrading later.

  36. I never understood this in a practical sense. If you’re side is getting 25 KD, you’re kicking ass! Wouldn’t the other side be the one dropping the bomb? Scorched earth.

  37. If you’re dominating, typically it would happen towards the end of the match. Smart players held it, And set it off in the last 30 seconds…

  38. Any suggestions for such software?, I use vlc often and while the slowdown works on it, it also distorts the music pretty badly depending on the amount of slowdown you put :/

  39. I know Reaper supports it. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the tool I used back then...

  40. I actually played YYZ for a final performance piece in college. Metronome was helpful, but what made it more fun was to use a software tool to slow the actual audio without changing pitch. I must have played that song hundreds of times, but it was worth it.

  41. Also record yourself and listen back for any mistakes. Idk what it is but being recorded changes things and brings out mistakes ;) almost like a practice performance.

  42. Real talk, no matter how much you practice you will feel nervous if it’s your first time. You can’t help it. It happens to everybody.

  43. Ever listen to Django Reinhardt? Legendary guitar player who burned his hands in a tragic fire, so he had to play mostly with his first two fingers. But his guitar work is blazing at times!!

  44. Which knee are you resting on? I find if I rest the guitar on my left knee it more closely matches standing position in terms if where my plucking hand is.

  45. Fender P Bass is the gold standard of studio work. 5 string if you need extra low room. Guessing you can find some used MIM for $500 ish.

  46. Lately I’ve been using Flirting With Disaster by Molly Hatchet.

  47. I love half rounds. 90% of the punch of rounds with 10% of the fret noise.

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