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  2. Wasn’t her arm back on in the final scene of love and thunder?

  3. It's really weird that we have very few details leaked from this show. Apart from all the set photos and the cast that tell us absolutely nothing, there are rumours that

  4. So many iron juniors are there going to be? Riri? Morgan? Maybe even that annoying kid from 3 grown up? Sheesh plus who knows if War Machine might have a sidekick or two

  5. Morgan is like 6, I don’t think we’ll see her do anything anytime soon

  6. My favourite group number is ride wit me because it was just the actors having fun it wasn't scripted

  7. Azimio and karofsky never body shamed Finn (or so I think), that was really just Santana and Sue

  8. I was always surprised Kurt is in the list of exceptionally good singers on the show. All the others are undeniably brilliant singers and Kurt is more polarising. Even if he did that note in Defying Gravity perfectly, Rachel was still leagues above him.

  9. I agree, his voice doesn’t have a lot of emotion and often feels bland to me. They always paint him as equal to Rachel or Santana but he really isn’t. This is just my opinion.

  10. I thought they just said it’s capable of killing gods, not that it’s the only thing that can.

  11. Quinn still could’ve donated the egg and Rachel just carried it

  12. They (predictably) killed off the best new character, made a bunch of Hopper was fat jokes, and we didn't even get to see Jason get f'd up like he deserved?

  13. Anything Sue says really “Samgelina jolee” And that line from Quinn “Hey Finn, rupaul”

  14. They’re ok but usually I skip them, except for the season 4 one because of the milli/Marley scenes

  15. While I think if they were keeping their non system of solo distribution I would say Tina earned it. But it is amazing they just gloss over Unique who won the MVP at Nationals .

  16. I was thinking the same thing, unique was just the star of vocal adrenaline, which is a huge deal considering she was a freshman and the stars of vocal adrenaline were mega talented, to be set aside in the new directions

  17. Black Kitty 💀 that was Bree and she was so much worse than kitty

  18. Roz is my favorite from this list, but the best are Burt and Carole

  19. It’s kind of hard to say. Obviously Rachel was incredibly talented, but her solos were often so boring to me that I skip them every time I rewatch. When it comes to Marley’s performances, I adore every single one. I also just love Marley as a character, so maybe that’s why lol. They are both very talented, but I prefer Marley’s voice. I don’t get bored of it.

  20. I agree, maybe it’s because we saw less of Marley but I love her performances and never skip

  21. Rachel by a mile. Though they both had a very impressive range, Rachel had the acting skill and delivery style to make her singing more interesting and varied in terms of dynamics, onsets, tone, etc, and we also heard her be more successful at a wider range of genres including MT, country, 80s pop, modern pop, and classic rock. Marley had a pretty flat delivery and one tone for singing which meant most of her songs lacked any emotional journey, and any time they tried to push the boat out with her voice, like Wrecking Ball, it didn't sound great. Marley has her skill and she did some wonderful vocals on the show, but quite honestly she's not a scratch on Rachel.

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