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  1. If anyone argues with you just start naming everything wrong with the property that will need repair "someday" until they fuck off : )

  2. Isnt the point of these shoots to be over the top and edited so the mother can feel beautiful after 9 months of a demon kicking their organs around? Jesus Christ. Let her have this one.

  3. No, this is freaking hilarious and if my friends took these they’d get a load of shit from everyone

  4. I may have missed it but I dont see any signs and I couldn't hear anyone (the audio is horrible) tell him to wear a mask. Am I missing something? I didn't know you still had to wear a mask in that setting. Seems like it could be a whoopsie.

  5. All medical settings require masks. This is super disrespectful to patients

  6. Why is your dad worried about decisions he never has to make? Sounds like he’s just in other people’s business way too far.

  7. To be fair, it might affect someone other than the person making the decision, but it is a small chance compared to the immense excruciation, let alone anything permanent for the baby, and it involves her body unlike many parenting decisions.

  8. It certainly doesn’t ever effect your father or anyone in his position. Man needs to learn when to have an opinion

  9. First, you need to find out your zoning and construction restrictions for your lot. Call the planning and development people for your city. They will put you on the right path for knowing what you are ALLOWED to do. Many times you have specific requirements for the type of development allowed, IE no tiny homes is often a rule. I hope you did this BEFORE buying.

  10. Not just the zoning rules that apply to land use but also to square footage and permanentness (im not sure thats a word). In my state all newly constructed homes must be over 720 square feet. If the house is a tiny home or camper that is movable it can only be on the property for 3 months off grid, 9 months if hooked up to utilities. Talk to your zoning board. Discuss (or better yet show pics of) what exactly you want to build and make sure its approved. And always get the approval in writing and with a signature and date.

  11. I actually just found an article, it was a marijuana grow? Not sure why anything in something like that would blow like that

  12. I guess it could be high grade alcohol also but who knows.

  13. Female pufferfish: "That's one sexy ass pile of sand"

  14. I’m a female human and I like that pile of sand

  15. Former heroin addict and all I can say is running is the only thing that naturally makes me feel “normal” Running, especially ultra running has added quality to my life that I never thought I’d have…

  16. Congratulations to you. You earned your happiness

  17. Hi, I’d like to place an order for this runner’s high, however, I would like to redeem the benefits of it while parenting my kids when they are acting crazy, not while running.

  18. So, there is a whole spectrum of psychopathy out there. The only diagnosable psychopaths are the ones on the anti-social side of the spectrum.

  19. Meetup groups and other specific interest groups. There's a ton of apps for them now.

  20. Have you tried drinking anything stronger? ;) But okay... I'm with ya... You're obvs not a prude about it.. mind if I ask what your demographic is? M/f age?

  21. What is your nft supposed to be? Is it one of the artist ones? It's hideous.

  22. Thanks, what’s yours supposed to be? Overused Bateman? How creative of you

  23. I was asking a serious question but way to be a bitch

  24. They're basically a storage facility. So about as political as StoreYourStuff™ facilities.

  25. When the lifelong bureaucrats poke their heads’ out of the woodwork to go after someone, you know they have fucked up.

  26. Yes, of course be honest when it affects someone else’s feelings.

  27. Are you referring to the fact that the place where her brain goes is missing entirely

  28. Sea lions and seal bites carry bacteria that cause massive inflammation and degradation of tendons and cartilage. If the sea doggo even just nips the regular dog, you might have to put it down, or care for a disabled dog in constant excruciating pain for the rest of its life.

  29. Thanks for saying what I meant better :) I live on a beach up near Canada (I have a brown lab too!) and this video blew my mind that a photographer would be so careless

  30. Honestly, the temptation is huge. Sea lions and seals really are smart and playful and I can totally see things like this playing out more or less ok maybe even half the time, but one tiny scratch and its a tragedy.

  31. And they know an animal that is not meant to be in water is easy prey.

  32. Oat milk seems to be the best by a long shot. Animal agriculture is wreaking havoc on our environment, I'd urge everyone to move away from providing demand to the meat and dairy industries if they want to make their largest individual impact

  33. So once you two lived together she pretty much left, traveled, and is now trying to move somewhere else all on your dime? She quit therapy to improve things?

  34. Other women can often be much worse than men in my experience.

  35. I think this might be generational, I find that younger generations seem to drop a lot of these types of inherent biases.

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