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  1. Yup, same here. Started on up close vision, so I got readers and have been using them 24/7. Opthamologist said because i've used the readers for so long thats why EVERYTHING is blurry. I'm lucky my dad is a retired optometrist. He tried some stuff and he said because I can see clearly with different lenses nothing is wrong with my eyes. Im right there with you. I can't do alot of stuff right now because of the blurry vision.

  2. OMG.. I can't even describe the hideous awkwardness of this car.. you could slap a huge dildo image on that car and I wouldn't even notice because GOOD GAWD that car is ugly.

  3. Fact is, if he sits out this year he will likely have a chance in 2years given the age and payroll.

  4. I think he meant can he refuse the "buyout" and say he is racing the car anyway for 2023. I'm curious about that too lol

  5. If you are on PC, go to race department and download the mod to fix ai straightline. I did, and im playing at my 2021 AI strength levels.

  6. It’s apparently part of the agreement every year with the calendar that they cannot shift or change any of the race dates. Could be a cool mod possibility though.

  7. I'm on PC and trust me, there is a fantastic mod community and I can confirm some of these guys work hard on these mods. They are trying to get Portugal to work on my team and career. They will get it. These dudes are great. :Source: I am a part of F1'22 modders channels on Discord

  8. Guys, COVID fucked everything up.. Licensing agreements are very very nitpicky. If you remember in f1 2021, you could add china but have to drop another race, but china still fell in it's expected slot. It's because china was on prov. calendar when codies signs contract to get to work on next years game.. china got cancelled when? Like pre season testing? Thus the reason Portugal was an after release add on. When China fell off, they had to make it's replacement. NASCAR games have always been the same way.. if it says official game of that series, it has to follow the tracks in order by date.. Welcome to the corporate world. Hope this helps clear up some confusion.

  9. I got my CSL DD, 8nm, F1 2019 wheel, Podium Paddles and Podium Q2 QR on the used market, all for under $1,000. The stuffs out there, just be patient and wise.

  10. The republicans aren't going to stop unless we force them to... I hope we can vote them out, but they have rigged the voting so bad.

  11. We need to confront these reps, face to face, and ask them the hard questions.. but ironically these republicans hid behind their keyboards and "representatives"

  12. Ah okay, I thought this might have been a joke about giving Mazepin or Custer a drive.

  13. Yea, he spent years in prison. Cole Custer's (driver of his #41 in cup) dad ran the haas nascar team and made the deal with Tony Stewart to form Stewart Haas. Gene didn't get out of prison until the end of the first season of Stewart Haas

  14. You would think there'd be laws against this type of thing.

  15. NOT for Energy there wouldn't.. Politicans work for the energy companies..

  16. literally watching episode 2 of the new season right this second and googled to see if she had plastic surgery, brought me to this thread. lol. It's very noticeable that her face has changed and my eyes are drawn to the nose. I think it's fairly obvious she has had some work done

  17. What is it about episode two causing everyone to google her body transformation? I did the same thing and it led me here. Guess I'm not the only one distracted by her physical appearance change.

  18. She looks horribly skinny now. To the point it's truley affecting me investing in her character. So tired of hollywood chics having to become skin and bones the minute they get popular. She looked gorgeous and a very nice body the first two seasons. Now she looks distracting.

  19. Now we can start calling them the "Grand Ole Pedophile" Party

  20. For a road course track this is a spectacular view. I grew up with NASCAR and going to the short track Martinsville and Kentucky where you can see the whole track.. For a non oval circuit, this is arguably the best view money can buy on ANY road course!

  21. You would generally receive the refund from an account adjustment within 4 to 6 weeks. Keep checking that account transcript for the update.

  22. Is there a reason why the account transcript hasn't shown anything?

  23. Mine was 1,500 short and that went through 03/05 and still haven’t had an update since then. Some people said a week when I asked prior but some people say they’re still waiting.

  24. Met John Cena at a screening for Blockers during Mania weekend. Sat right behind him. My friends and I cracked jokes with him the entire movie and he was very cool about it. We asked him during the Q&A “When could we expect a return to the Marine series so you can take on Miz for the rightful title of The Marine?” He answered, “That would be just for you guys, my new friends.” Totally awesome time during Mania weekend.

  25. Probably the best story i've heard. Who wouldn't want to sit with (behind) cena and tapk shit during a movie. Thats awesome

  26. I hear the "defense" statements from employees, but the fact that my package arrives in grove city ohio, gets sent to chillicothe ohio at 9:37pm but as of 1:14pm still isn't at chillicothe is mind numbing. Worse yet, GROVE CITY is closer than CHILLICOTHE.. no amount of defensive arguments can justify the complete incompetence of this "company". Oh yea, this was all after my package got delayed a whole day because it sat in one location for 24 hours. I feel like i'm dealing with the save a lot brand of shipping companies. Be nice if they were like the Kroger brand..

  27. I hate to say but, the I don't think the racing circuits get any tv money like Nascar. Ticket sales are the only way they will make money.

  28. How will/does this movie tie into ANYTHING in phase 4? It feels like a standalone that is way out in left field.

  29. When someone is sad, stressed and fearful, they need an outlet. America is an advanced nation that refuses to provide healthcare, decent education, social security, mental health outreach and get the idea...

  30. Trump was already famous for YEARS before running for office. He'd been on TV, movies, he was a household name known for being a rich real estate investor and business man. He had a reality TV show, he'd made people love him and think of him as a rich genius for a very long time.

  31. Thank You. Makes ALOT of sense. I just figured people were .. smarter maybe is the word, or more competent AND had empathy and would hate him for all the bad stuff but.. I guess it shows, people have been closet POS the whole time. Lol.

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