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  1. Everyone that says it's a car lot is wrong. It's being sold at a Shell gas station. Most likely the mechanic there is selling it. It may be in good condition but who knows.

  2. Strike as to erase, remove or expunge goes back to the 14th century according to the OED. The etymology is unclear with the free version. I suspect it's origin is a military term.

  3. Yeah it's not rare. Reddit isn't an accurate dipiction of society. It's curated, filtered, censored and full of chat bots.

  4. More importantly, why do you care about ours? That's some small dick energy.

  5. The way to estimate the wait time is to count the number of cars queued up in the dozen lanes and divide by the number of cars per hour reaching the black top.

  6. This isn't needed. The gate has markers that indicate how long the line is to the road. The issue is communication with BMIR.

  7. Of course it's not needed. People should just deal with Exodus.

  8. Your solution doesn't change the communication issue. Adding more means of broadcast (more expense, more complexity) doesn't solve the issue of communication (the actual problem).

  9. Listen to understand not to respond.

  10. Lines up with the Deagel projections. Time will tell.

  11. “Equitable access to vaccines?” How’s that possible? The fkn clot shot is available for FREE, EVERYWHERE. 🥴🥴🥴

  12. Man, come on! Everybody knows that systemic racism prevents BIPOC from going outside of thier homes.

  13. “C’mon man! Corn Pop was a bad dude!” 😂

  14. Look Jack, he graduated top of his law class, while driving a big rig with Marge. Fuck, he cured covid.

  15. Not entirely true, IF it can be proven the vehicle is in fact the one involved in the accident the owner can be held liable financially. It's criminal charges that can get muddied up however it's not entirely out either. The owner could face charges. The "I wasn't driving" doesn't absolve you unless you provide who was. Usually this comes up from a kid taking the car but the parents don't report it "stolen" to try and keep the kids record clean.

  16. Without a witness or other evidence, how do you prove the vehicle caused it? There aren't any serial numbers on the part that OP found.

  17. Break pattern on the piece, paint analysis you'd be surprised on how easily that piece could be linked back to the car.

  18. I'm not sure what kind of legal background you have but CSI won't devote resources to a simple hit and run. If someone dies, yes but if not, no way.

  19. Do you have anything in writing? Any emails or texts with the terms? If so, you can sue. If not, you're only opyiom is the ethics committee.

  20. Yes, we sent multiple contracts for signature to no avail. He never shared with the client, purposefully. The older lifelong surveyor is "protecting" them from speaking to us as well.

  21. cut to two weeks from now when she has a sudden heart attack for no reason.

  22. Get airbags. You can program their stiffness reponse to respond to the track, Road, drag, etc. They look badass too and you can raise them on demand for speed bumps, etc.


  24. In the words of Kendrick Lamar... You goat mouth mammy ficker.... Yeah, that Stern.

  25. Home builders are much more savvy this time. They have been preparing and have not built nearly as much to sell. They have several strategies and options to navigate this situation. They just need to get through the storm in one piece.

  26. They’ve always got excuses, no solutions. Blame this blame that. Shit gets old.

  27. Yep. That was pretty fuckin’ cool.

  28. In my trailer renters group I've seen some shit that people did to their trailers taking them to the Burn without telling the owners that was where they going. I don't think people really understand how filthy the trailer they rented will get on playa.

  29. Sure but the pictures with cracked eggs on the floor, leaving trash behind... It's taacky. Those people made no effort whatsoever.

  30. Fridge prolly wasnt properly latched and opened during the drive

  31. I'm not sure. I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt but it seems like they were moopy jerks. How hard is it to use a paper towel? If they made effort, I wonder how bad it was before.

  32. Actually he was a Sheriff's Department Captain. They fired him for this, but he ran for Congress and won. Rep. Clay Higgins (R) LA-3.

  33. If this is my legacy, I'll die happy knowing I was a truly a failure just like my dad always said.

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