1. Khloe is saying "no bullshit, Tristan must know I'm single and I'm waiting for him"

  2. why is she being so loud about this topic when no one believed nick was doing so much for EVERY child

  3. Bre gets on my nerves the most out of all the baby mamas. she’s so vocal about doing everything by herself and/or “naturally.”

  4. People are projecting a whole lot from just one night of an interaction.

  5. pictures are out of order cause most y’all have already seen some on the sub

  6. reminds me of when she wore the ‘91 Azzedine Alaia archival piece for PFW back in 2019

  7. I get that you said the petty in you but weird wish tho.

  8. literally who is comparing Kendall and Devin with Jordyn and Kat? like I’m not seein that at all

  9. I don’t know the history ? Someone on this subreddit should do a review of what happened

  10. Yep, I 100% remember this also. Well as far as the court documents I think you might be thinking of that other chick. I can’t remember her name. I’ll try to find some links when I get home

  11. I’ve only listened to a podcast episode about it, and it sounded hilariously cringe. It’s nice to put the face to the name of who this guy is lol.

  12. this dude is so unsexy to me like the cringefest of that 365 movie(s), the way he says babygorl and the videos he posts of himself are so

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