1. I have purchased a ZLine range hood previously in 2019 (i think) from Home Depot, and had no issue with the product until the range hood lights went out. The lights they used had proprietary connectors, so I looked online for any spare connectors, but couldnt find a thing. So, I contacted the customer support line for a new pair of lights and that is where the issues started. They asked for the proof of purchase and soon I had the replacements soon after. When I opened up the lights, I noticed that the connectors were different from the original pair and the housing was different, so they didnt fit our range hood. When I contacted the cs line again, they ghosted me. multiple times. A few months later where I was successful with contacting them and said that the lights in my model were old, and they had a new transformer for it to make it work. When the transformer arrived, no instructions were provided for how to install it or where it went, (even worse, the connectors from the transformer out were wrong!), or any follow up with me on what to do with the part that the sent me, so I gave up with dealing with ZLine support. I ended up soldering the old connectors of the new lights they sent, and added a resistor to the lights so I could at least have working lights.

  2. I’m down to do sth tonight if you’re up for it like drink and stuff

  3. I'm down to meet on the terrice for a bit at like 12 if your down

  4. Someone burnt something while cooking on the 4th floor. My alarm didn't even go off.....

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