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  1. I always liked to imagine gm_construct is actually some mysterious ancient structure (think more advanced Stonehenge) that the combine haven't found yet.

  2. Votex is trash, if you remember the nexus mod manager they have a community version that's good. Other than that MO2 reigns supreme.

  3. I use vortex because downloading MO2 took like more than 2 steps and I'm lazy

  4. No way OkBr only just found this, this is a re-upload of a TT account deticated to doing this to actors and I love it.

  5. I thought you were talking about SCP-166 and what is now SCP-4166.

  6. while rhe new article is not the second coming of Jesus or anything like that in the writing and story department, the old one was just shock for the sake of shock with a subject that unless you are a creep it would make you uncomfortable, is like putting the guts of a freshly butchered animal in fhe face of someone and say " why are you making that face? You have a spleen too." You achieved nothing.

  7. Yeah, I did. I was looking into the article and read the word "16 years old" alot so the number was in my head. Also I kind of understand what you're saying, after re-reading the old article is a LOT more shocking than I remember. Especially with the whole "drinking semen" thing, I swear I don't remember that in the article 😬

  8. Green rail gun and Attractor minimum so you can focus on dodging not aiming. Also slide alot

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