1. i think symptoms is widely regarded as one of their best songs of all time. other fan faves include get the treasure, prism, orgel, excuse me miss, who waits for love, odd eye, queen of new york, shift, view, body rhythm, code, stranger, juliette, selene 6.23, replay, and y si fuera ella. lots of other all-time classics in their solo discographies too

  2. YES. i’m still angry that there’s a live album of almost every single shinee world concert EXCEPT for SWC I’m Your Boy when they performed at tokyo dome. ugh

  3. I'm still looking around for videos for MMA and gidles tomboy performance. When they said "fucking" I was caught off guard but I loved it. And no one on reddit has really talked about that, which is a little surprising but maybe it's just me. Never in a million years would I expect any ggs to use profanity in a performance on an award show.

  4. look up “tomboy reaction” on twt, there’s a ton of idols jumping when they hear it lol

  5. when half of ot6 EXID left after the release of whoz that girl, one of the members that left was the leader. new member solji then became the leader we know and love today.

  6. don’t fight the feeling by exo… that second verse breakdown ruined an otherwise fine song.

  7. SHINee's Tell Me What To Do doesn't have the worst rap part I've ever heard or anything, it's not even that bad really, but wow, they really throw away all the tension built up by their vocal line to just drop you into a rap part with a super weird rhythm. It's just Minho's part too, Key's makes sense and suits the song. You really couldn't be bothered to write a transition for that? Or just, idk, let Minho sing???

  8. i dont mind the fact that there’s a rap there, but i’ve always thought minho sounded super offbeat in that verse. and then key sounded perfectly on beat which just made minho seem more offbeat by comparison

  9. i used to be an all star cheerleader, and i was obsessed with everything cheer-related for a good one or two years. i distinctly remember that the DJs who made music for the

  10. i'm honestly tearing up a bit, i'm still a baby shawol, my first shinee release as a fan was minho's heartbreak and now a year later i get to witness his proper solo debut 😭😭 i'm just so happy, minho NEVER half asses anything so we know it's gonna be amazing!!!

  11. my first release as a shawol was gasoline! so excited for #2 in the shinee world :') followed by an absolutely insane 2023 lmfao

  12. fuck it im just gonna make the 91 line link up again. key woohyun seohyun nicole hara minho soyou nana send tweet

  13. SHINee’s Jonghyun, every single one of his solo albums is a masterpiece of lyrics, melody and production and the track list is so strong that there’s really no song that feels out of place.

  14. undercover. they’re very unserious for never giving us a live performance or choreo to that song as if it isn’t the best song on tsol

  15. picasso chews up everything else in their jpn discog. a lot of songs in their korean discography too that song is just insane

  16. shinee seems very genuine to me. they all seem to really genuinely express themselves through their solo work especially, with taemin and key having a lot of control over their concepts in recent years and jonghyun writing all his own music.

  17. Shinee! And as soloists from Shinee: Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, and Onew. I’m excited to see Minho’s release coming up because I’m curious about his music. I love how diverse Shinee’s music is, and I love even more how different each member’s approach to their own solo work is. Like, they are all completely different from both Shinee and each other and have their own flavors. I’ve had a lot of fun the past few weeks getting to know Shinee and the members’ work. Many many songs have been added to my playlists and many performances have been watched.

  18. hey fellow babywol! im making my way through their korean discography so i can make a twitter thread ranking their albums and get ratiod for my terrible taste lol

  19. i was on a sports team for years and we always prayed backstage at competitions. it just united us and gave us a moment of peace to calm our nerves. im secular jewish and sure it was a little odd to me at first but i quickly started appreciating it. i tend to isolate myself when i get stressed and feeling connected to my teammates was comforting, especially in the minutes before i had to get onstage and perform with them.

  20. i think this is justified bc she said she was trying to work within the couple's budget. fondant is of course less labor intensive and quicker than frosting by hand

  21. wanna be my baby by wanna one has changing my LIFE lately. i could comment a whole list of songs but a ton of others have given a ton of recs already, so i will simply leave you with that one VERY underrated song. TAK is a GENIUS.

  22. last dance by wjsn maybe? and i’m seconding the recommendations of orgel by shinee and mystery lover by taemin.

  23. I think SM releasing photos for G.O.T and announcing the girls generation cb was a big mistake. If they didn't announced it probably it would have been more succesful than ever

  24. BTS is probably the biggest Hit ever from a marketing standpoint.

  25. do you know which specific marketing moves launched bts to stardom? bc i still dont understand how bts and bighit did that

  26. hi! im a new shawol too. from what i've heard, onew leads the chorus a lot and it creates a very full sound. examples would be

  27. sm can you CHILL OUT??? does EVERYBODY have to come back and debut in the same two months? i seriously thought we were gonna get key repackage teasers this week but imagine my surprise when rv announced a comeback instead! and then boa announced a comeback! and minho announced his solo debut! what is going on!

  28. i’ve only been listening to kpop for a couple years, and i feel like i missed a lot of golden eras too. but i’ve also experienced a lot of fun moments and golden eras first hand, AND i have a ton of music to discover (shinee became one of my ults just this year). it’s easy to look back and feel that FOMO but try not to let that stop you from enjoying all the great new releases now, esp now that groups are touring again and we’re getting a lot of awesome concert performances again.

  29. well that’s kinda what I mean as well lol. Just checked and they debuted 12 November 2020, so almost exactly 2 years and they’ve yet to tease a full album, give my girls some more music pls 😭

  30. it took itzy two and a half years to release a full album, maybe stayc's next cb will be a full album? their last was a single album, so maybe they're saving up some songs for the next cb?

  31. yeah you’re probably right. Again I get it’s kinda just how it is, most groups are like this in Kpop, I guess I’m just more partial to a ‘western’ release schedule

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