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  1. I have used the Nordic Naturals liquid, for about 5 yrs. Its a very mild lemon flavor, no fish taste at all.

  2. Stole this from another subreddit but I just thought it was worth sharing. Rabies is scary.

  3. You're a real treat at holiday parties, I bet..... sheesh..

  4. Its a major US city (Chicago) on a Friday night / Saturday morning. Im sure the emergency room doctors have more pressing emergencies. He needs stitches... he's not on his fucking death bed. Gtfo

  5. RIP Anthony "Rumble" Johnson. All of the best to his family and friends. Life is short folks, enjoy the moment.

  6. That's the new plot twist. Retails adding imperfections so you know they are legit...

  7. Homie look like he was kissing a hornets nest from them hands tho

  8. Half of these people have never held a real submariner. Take it to a jeweler for verification, if you are questioning authenticity.

  9. So crazy that Burns gave Khamzat a hard standup fight at 170, then going back and watching this...... Fight game is wild.

  10. You you find the world as you used to know it has changed? I feel like I’m almost blind and I’m not really sure how I can possibly filter it out, not to mention the gnawing tinnitus that compliments it

  11. When I focus on it and have heightened anxiety it becomes VERY apparent. I have learned to do things over the years that relax me. That will tone it down enough to break the loop and I can filter it (no focus on it). I exercise frequently, meditate, listen to music, podcasts and audio books while limiting my phone use. Eat a whole food, low carb diet. I had tinnitus so bad as a child that I wore headphones with the radio playing to be able to sleep. I had plenty of nights laying in bed where I thought I was going insane. Your mind is an amazing machine, it will adapt. Unfortunately this condition drives anxieties and panic way up and affects peoples mental health, so it because a vicious cycle that can be hard to break. Time and learning a personal system that helps me relax is what has saved me.

  12. Thank you so much for this, I need hope. I'm 25 and I feel like my life is falling apart. All of my friends travelling and seeing the world, i don't bother sight seeing as I can barely see, and everything looks so fake.. I'm sitting at home every night depressed and losing my vision and trying to comprehended and adapt to this ever changing world (gets worse every day).

  13. I have ups and downs just like everyone. I am overall happy with my life. I am married, 3 children, a career, own a home, go on vacation, etc.

  14. The pistachio Breitling!!! Gorgeous in seeing it in the metal!

  15. Lazarus Naturals is one of my favorite CBD companies. Great products and they don't over charge

  16. I second this recommendation. And they have a great discount for veterans and the financially disadvantaged.

  17. Glad you found something to alleviate some of your symptoms. I take prescription naproxen at times for up to 7/10 days, but unfortunately no relief. I would imagine you cannot be on naproxen long term? Or can you? NSAID's long term lower prostaglandins that can cause stomach ulcers. They also greatly increase risk of strokes, heart attacks and the reduced blood flow to your kidneys can cause kidney failure over the long term. Maybe I'm wrong here?

  18. Dr did not say duration but I have a routine appointment next week. He prescribed 56 tabs 2 a day so I guess that's only a course for 4 weeks?

  19. Thanks for the feedback. Just curious, I have only read things on it I have had no real convo with nuero about it. I go back and forth between naproxen and cambia when I have intractable migraine, after I have exhausted the Zembrace and Ubrelvy use. Not the same situation really, but I wonder if Cambia would do the same. Its like a more powerful naproxen.

  20. Such a beauty!! I am seriously thinking of dumping my 114060 Sub for the sister SBGE275. I absolutely love these GS sport GMTs.

  21. I really like that one as well, but haven’t had a chance to try one on yet. The dimensions are pretty close - with the SBGE275 about .5mm thicker. Love the dial on the 275, but I think it would be easier on this one to tell the time at a quick glance.

  22. Yep, 100% correct on the dial contrast to the hands, making the white dial harder to read at a glance. I have a the new Tudor Chrono with the white dial and it's a bit of a chore. All the best!

  23. Damn!! I have gone strictly concentrates, but this is absolutely beautiful flower!! I love Prime!!

  24. I mean… do we actually wear them to tell te when everyone has a phone in their pocket thats mire accurate… We are basically just buying sophisticated jewelry lol

  25. I look at my watch for the time almost exclusively, unless I'm actively on my phone.

  26. Reddit: How can I blame this on white Christians!!?!?!?

  27. Imagine the outcry if these “protesters” where white and right wing.

  28. The narrative is already trying to be pushed. You can see in the comments the mentions of white republicans and Islam sharing views.

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