1. I'm having the exact issue in Troy New York. I tried rebooting and even unplugging. It seems to happen at various times of the day.

  2. It started working for me yesterday with two friends on AT&T that have S22s. I'm on Google Fi using a Pixel 6.

  3. Yes, There's some good bands playing this year. Also, there is a lot of different food options.

  4. I have been a SEFCU member since 1988. The last few years the level of service has gone down hill. Last year it took three phone calls to correct an issue with interest being accrued to preferred savings.

  5. Venting for the parking levels below ESP

  6. Buying a townhouse for 300k. I would prefer to sell my existing home after moving into the new one. It would be less stressful and I don't have to make the offer on the new place contingent on sale. I have 250k in savings. Any ideas to bridge the gap in funds between the purchase of the new place and sale of the old one? I'm thinking of personal loan or home equity loan on my current house.

  7. Are you saying you’re putting 300k down on a townhouse? Or is that the full price of the townhouse and you’re getting a mortgage and the down payment amount is only 10-20% if that 300k?

  8. The purchase price of the new place is 300k. I can use 100% of the 250k towards the purchase. My quandary is how to make up the missing 50k. I have great credit but I was hoping to avoid a mortgage to save on the financing costs.

  9. I bought a Mustart portable charger on Amazon. It came with a 120v plug for level 1 charging and a 240v for level 2. You can also buy other plugs for different types of outlets. The only thing to be careful of is that it pulled between 12 and 13.5 amps and that was a little much for my 15 amp breaker. I had to limit it with the charging settings in the vehicle.

  10. Top tier has nothing to do with octane. It's an additive they add to the gas at the distribution point. I get mine from a Velero station.

  11. Would it have been the 12 volt battery? The fire looks like it started on the driver's side of the"engine" compartment.

  12. I use a Mustart portable EV charger on a 120 volt 15 amp circuit. It takes about 6 hrs to go from 15% to 100%. 15 percent seems about has far the BMS will let the battery go down.

  13. This is the type of thing that makes me want to wait a year before getting an ID.4. Hopefully they push update soon.

  14. Mine is at the same step. Blue Pro S with gray interior. If seems a bunch of us are going to be on the same ship.

  15. Don't you think the AWD will be different than the rear wheel drive? With the different turning radius, more horsepower, weight and the power delivery of AWD being different I'm hesitant to make a decision based on the test drive I made.

  16. I've been having the same issue. My LG tv will lose a WiFi connection for no reason. Then randomly it will reconnect.

  17. I'm seeing Thursday, March 11 at 3:13 a.m. EST. It's that correct?

  18. Would a purchase of a Tesla anytime during 2021 qualify for the tax credit? Since the tax credit would be applied to your 2021 income I believe it would be. But I'm not sure...

  19. "For manufacturers that already passed the 200,000 threshold before the enactment of the bill, the number of vehicles sold in between 200,000 and those sold on the date of enactment are excluded in determining when the 600,000 threshold is reached."

  20. It's like I was reincarnated as a cat...

  21. It was a good review but I'm disappointed about the US not getting the heads up display, heat pump and the dynamic headlights. I'm hoping to get a great drive at night so I can see how the headlights are.

  22. I'd think US Cellular should have coverage there, I'm surprised your phone didn't switch over???

  23. Not sure this would work but disable chat on your new phone, then try going here

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