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  1. your examples are really bizarre, you can’t lump preventing the next hitler vs killing your enemy that slept with your sister or whatever into the same argument because they’re categorically very different. i really think you’re being an edge lord, as most people mature they discover that you really do feel better internally if you don’t retaliate. other people throw shit at your car when you don’t let them cut you off in traffic. trying to convince yourself and others that people are ultimately bad is limiting and honestly pedantic.

  2. is your point that everyone has a breaking point or that everyone is so easily corruptible all it would take is one good offer that they won’t be caught to commit a heinous crime?

  3. no why would i tell anyone, i don’t get this. i’d just be annoyed and too 20% then never think about it again

  4. gotta strongly disagree with you there. also not a typing post— just looking for ideas about this outfit

  5. ok! the lengths make you look shorter imo, you look about 5’3 to me. it’s a cute outfit.

  6. yes, i know that i look short here. that’s a big reason why i posted asking for advice on the outfit

  7. ok i’m super unsure what kind of response you’re looking for! you are obviously very beautiful but the outfit itself doesn’t enhance your frame, i think it may be more of a change the whole fit. i’m sure the pieces themselves look great, but i would crop the top for waist definition and change the boots entirely and leave the kimono off if you want to wear the jeans, and if you wanted to wear the kimono a shorter dress or shorts / shirt combo would probably look a lot more balanced.

  8. i was extremely anorexic, >100 lbs with every rib showing and my face was sunken in, all my hair fell out and i got the dark patches of skin and the peach fuzz- all that to say i still had noticeable curve definition on my upper thighs and butt and boobs. i was incredibly skinny but maintained the illusion of curves.

  9. you read g to me! i actually think you look great in the second outfit.

  10. do you have friends that can help you? or can you afford some childcare for the older kids? my c section recovery was really difficult, the us is absolute garbage that is a major surgery and the follow up care for it is negligible at best. i’m sure you’ll figure it out but my experience was that i was legit out of commission for a few weeks, it wasn’t the pain (i didn’t take anything other than advil after i left the hospital) but rather it literally incapacitated me. we had a two week driving limit and i wasn’t supposed to walk more than 30 minutes a day for the six weeks following.

  11. hello!! anything with a sweetheart neckline, maybe bardot sleeves and a mermaid tail?? what is your color scheme?

  12. hispanic white is still white, and even if you’re not white if you’re not black don’t say the n word?

  13. i like tucked in better! pants or two skirts would be cool too

  14. wait i’m sorry y’all think radiohead and the smiths fans get no bitches???

  15. I think my biggest concern is if it’s okay for the baby to be around a child who hasn’t had any of the recommended childhood vaccines too.

  16. imo i would say absolutely not, i have friends that didn’t give their kids the mmr etc and that is their business, but a newborn has no immunity and unfortunately depending on where you are diseases like measles and rubella are on the rise because of the anti vax movement.

  17. i made everyone get a tdap that wanted to meet or hold her until my baby was vaccinated. it was recommended by my pediatrician and it made me feel safer. also i didn’t let anyone kiss her sick or not and made them wash their hands. i’m very assertive so it was easier for me but i put some serious boundaries up around her safety and well-being, i wasn’t and am still not taking chances around her in lieu of not hurting someone else’s feelings.

  18. same lol. she told me she’ll be happy with a boy or girl but she’s kinda hoping for a girl

  19. awww that’s good. i’m sure she’ll be an amazing mother no matter what, and i hope she has fun.

  20. i think an easy fix is to crop your top, pull the jeans up a little higher if you can, no belt and if you’re going to go for sneakers pick a trendier pair like slip on vans. i think it’s really hard to look good in double oversized, but i think anyone can look good in oversized pants with the right top silhouette and shoes.

  21. definitely a plan b! also, this seems like an important thing to discuss with your partner before you have sex. you deserve intimacy without anxiety. 💛

  22. the left i am shook that people are choosing right, left flatters her frame and she looks like a literal goddess, the one on the right is (in my opinion) too gaudy and overwhelming on her frame. idk who it would look good on tbh

  23. absolutely not!! your allergens are important and we are literally serving you food. whenever someone has an allergy i really take the time to go over the menu with them because it’s hard enough to make sure you can eat at a restaurant without someone being bitchy to you.

  24. shorter or a slit with waist accentuation and some fine jewelry and heels would do the trick.

  25. Yes totally. Thank you for this comment <3 I will! You have an amazing day!

  26. these comments suck, you look amazing hope it was fun

  27. yes the staff will hate you and passive aggressively try to get you out by closing time. you’ll have a much more pleasant experience on another day or at a diff location.

  28. I bought an unlimited Brazilian package which was so much more money but I knew I wanted one more baby and was terrified the hair would grow back. This way after baby I can get it treated again for no (new) extra cost. I went to Milan which I know is super expensive vs private places but I think having the ability to go in for spot treatments forever was worth the money. Right now I have the weirdest hair patches right now where the hormones caused hair growth and some bald spots left where hair doesn’t grow at all.

  29. i love this for you. also we’re wearing the same outfit haha

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