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  1. It’s capped to 1440p on the 2017 Apple TV 4K. It does 4K on the 2021 and 2022 Apple TV 4Ks.

  2. With the 2017 version, you can do 4K or 60fps, but not both.

  3. I was definitely only thinking about my partner charging her phone with the front port. So using one of

  4. I guess so, but it likely only charge at 5W.

  5. I'm literally just thinking about this from a "otherwise the front panel header is entirely unused" standpoint. There is no Type E header on the MoBo, only the standard 19(?)-pin ones.

  6. Alright, then the adaptor you linked is fine.

  7. Ok ... it's not a bad PC for 150. For $1200 start over.

  8. Agreed. This wasn't a bad buy for $150. But anyone willing to spend $1200 should not be upgrading any of this. Just set it aside and build a new PC.

  9. Should I sell it? Since I don’t know what to do with it if I start over.

  10. Sell it, give it to a friend or family member who might need it, or repurpose it as a server or secondary machine.

  11. No channel a is next to each other slots - that’s exactly what u don’t want!

  12. Thank you. It amazes me how I can link to the exact page in the manual with the answer and so many people still get it wrong.

  13. Thank you! if I'm reading the little diagram correctly

  14. No, use the slots labeled DDR4_1 and DDR4_2.

  15. Nope, the RTX 3060 Ti is a solid 20-25% faster than the GTX 1080 Ti in traditional raster gaming.

  16. I was lazy and just used userbenchmark. I wonder why it says it's faster.

  17. Yep, for future reference, Hardware Unboxed is fine. So is something like TechPowerUp's GPU

  18. If you already have a working B450 motherboard, I would just use that.

  19. Yes, higher power NVMe SSDs have been known to reduce battery life in laptops. Not to a crazy extent though. A relatively higher power SSD like the Samsung 980 Pro will probably reduce battery life by about 5% compared to what it was before. Probably not even that much frankly.

  20. Updating the BIOS should be all you need to do.

  21. I am trying to find information on how many 8 pin connectors come with that PSU you linked. The GPU has 3 x 8 pin connector slots that need to be filled. I am looking at PCpartpickers (

  22. BTW, you can't just copy/paste the link from your URL bar. That's not going to work for PCPartPicker. You need to post the permalink. It's in the beige color bar right above your parts list.

  23. Great thank you very much!!! I'll be getting that PSU. Conveniently on sale too!

  24. Also, for anyone concerned about Super Flower because they never heard of them, don't worry. Super Flower is actually a primary power supply OEM like Seasonic. They are actually the OEM for most of EVGA's higher end PSUs.

  25. If you're getting it for a decent discount, that's fine.

  26. Well, I have 1660 Ti for now, works fine for everything, and as I am not in rush with GPU upgrading, maybe the PSU can wait. But as I understand the risk, probably will get a new PSU also, otherwise it could bite me in the ass.

  27. The most likely negative outcome (if there are any) will be crashes or black screens in the middle of gaming. So I wouldn't say it's an absolute emergency that you get a new power supply.

  28. "Best Cooler" is a kinda relative term. Technically speaking, the sky is the limit. There is nothing stopping you from doing a custom loop with a 420mm radiator.

  29. The 4090s sold out immediately while the 4080s hung around. The people who could afford a 4080 could also afford a 4090, so why not get the best?

  30. Where are you at that these cards are actually selling for that price? I haven’t seen a 4090 under $2k

  31. You seemed to have missed the actual point of my comment and chose to focus on me mentioning the MSRP?

  32. I would interpret that as loneliness and low self-worth along with grief over his deep connection to his dead wife fueling his desire to become a doormat to keep his son in his life... Despite his son's positively egregious betrayal on THREE different occasions (that he admitted to)... assaulting his father because he didn't want to take responsibility for his actions against both his father and his own girlfriend who he cheated on... and possibly only showing remorse because of an active incentive of not wanting the gravy train of money to help with his bills to end.

  33. Yeah, I still don't think the son has turned any sort of corner. He came in all mad at his dad for telling his GF the truth. And he only started to admit wrong doing after Plan A of assaulting OOP failed. This doesn't sound like someone who is actually sorry for what he did.

  34. I think part of why op focused on Fredrick is because it was the one thing the parents would listen on (likely because oop’s grandparents got him).

  35. Yeah, the part about the office in the update is telling about how unbelievably selfish the parents' thinking was. This wasn't really about money or space. The parents just thought they could jam all the kids in a couple rooms together and ignore them. Zero compromise on the parents' end. They probably even convinced themselves that shoving all the kids in like sardines will create a sibling bond between them.

  36. That seems to be the common theme here, I’ll just wait for 14th gen, maybe I’ll upgrade the gpu, still rocking a 1650 super

  37. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Intel 14th gen will be on a new socket anyway. AM5 will be more mature then as well. And DDR5 RAM will be cheaper/faster.

  38. Hmm okay, my thought was if I plan on getting another overclockable cpu i might aswell have a z board now, I have a h470 rn and it limits me in a lot of areas

  39. There is no upgrade path here. LGA 1200 is a dead platform.

  40. That is an absurd amount of money to spend on fans for a budget server build. The Arctic P12 fans are nearly as good and cost a fraction of the price:

  41. As far as I am aware, Jellyfin should support the Intel Quicksync video encoder just fine. So you can actually use your iGPU for video transcoding.

  42. Ways to improve center channel performance:

  43. I have tried everything you mentioned except use my receiver's room correction. Will it do things that I cannot do manually? I would like to see what it does with the center..

  44. Technically, it cannot do anything you can’t do manually. But it will likely do a better job than you. Run it and use it as a baseline. You’re welcome to make adjustments beyond that .

  45. Technically you can get away with this with Sony (TVs, projectors, AVRs, speakers, PS5, Blu-ray, etc). But it's a terrible idea.

  46. If you're willing to spend a decent chunk of money and aren't handy enough to build your own acoustic panels, you can get acoustic panels made with custom images printed on them:

  47. Most is actually 2015/2016, I've upgraded a few things here and there as well. I could've gotten a z97 but there wasn't much benefit. Your point is taken though, a new PC is probably in the near future. But I also need this one restored to full working order asap even if it's not cutting edge.

  48. Yeah, it will function. But you might as well buy a GPU that you intend to use in a future build if you're going to do it soon anyway.

  49. The current PC will likely be given away or kept as a backup. I'll just get a whole new setup. Thanks for the advice.

  50. In that case maybe consider buying an even cheaper used card. Something like the GTX 1650 Super sells for about $120 on eBay. It is about 20% faster than your R9 390 and significantly more power efficient.

  51. Meh, you gotta pick your battles. Especially with a crazy person. This particular situation is hurting no one. It’s really not the hill you want to die on.

  52. As someone who just grabs the closest thing to get the job done a lot, I can say that she probably couldn't find string or a rubber band.

  53. Yeah, she might have just done it as quick/lazy cable management. I wouldn’t immediately jump to assuming she is a paranoid moron like a lot of other people in this thread are doing.

  54. Thanks that is really helpful perspective. I think I may be able to mount at 11-12 feet but I may hold off on buying anything until it's built and just run the conduit to the back of the wall so it can adapt either way! My challenge is how the ceiling drops down (it lowers the projector height / people getting up and walking through the beam potentially. Maybe not the end of the world. Here is an image showing potential placement at 12 feet from the screen.

  55. Interesting. To be honest, this place looks uncomfortably tight for a projector. If you have your heart set on it, I'm sure you will find a way to make it work somehow.

  56. Part of this dilemma is me trying to lay out the room in a “family style” where we can all see each other but I don’t think that’s going to work as well. If I flip the screen to the long wall, it works like most home theater setups (room is about 24x13)

  57. If this is going to be a room for family time and socialization, that even further solidifies my opinion that you should be getting a TV, not a projector. People don't like spending time with one another in a pitch dark room. A TV makes for a more casual and social space than a projector setup would.

  58. If you're willing to buy used, pick up an Epson 5040UB on eBay for ~$1000 and buy a brand new bulb for it.

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