1. That stupid as fuck Artemis Fowl movie. Not because it's bad but because it turned my favourite book series into a shitshow.

  2. Stranger Things. Now I know there people out there that would rip me open a new asshole for saying that but i tried watching season 1 and got bored. I personally think it's to hyped up and just.. not that good

  3. It is not okay to just watch a marvel movie before watching the previous events.

  4. Asexual means you are not sexually attracted to anyone. I think the term you are looking for is a romantic which is when you are not romantically attracted to anyone.

  5. You are not overreacting. Your friend is a dick. Now go out there and rip that bitch a new asshole.

  6. Being super fucking annoying and disrespectful to people's property if they are a tourist.The amount time ive had to replace my garden gnomes due to some Yankee cunt wanting a picture.

  7. My wife and her girlfriend are American football fans for this reason

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