1. How thick should a barrel be? I look at bergara, which gets mentioned a lot, and the barrels don’t look that much bigger, though it could be the pictures.

  2. I took a look at a Bergera HMR today, super-heavy barrel. it felt good.

  3. FIL jumped on the LR train a few months ago, lol did the same thing. Put a pst 2 on an older 7Rem Mag hunting rifle, it’s first 3 shots are great. Barrel gets hot and it opens up after that greatly, it won’t dislocate your shoulder but you will shoot it much less than a smaller caliber. Also high Bc rounds are very hard to find for him, the savings of the rifle will soon be chewed up feeding it. Sell it and get something you’ll want to shoot and will be able to shoot longer than 3 round strings.

  4. I hear you. I'm going to get a lighter-recoil round, like 6.5, in something like a Tikka and put the same Vortex scope on it so I get familiar, but honestly I'm scared of everything I've heard about this gun. Hence the trolling bait, to see what I can chum up and learn about this gun. And you're right, I did get it for a deal, but the price of the ammo today made me wince

  5. Thanks! It was a Springfield Armory Saint 16" w/ Bravo Furniture. Pretty basic gun, my first rifle. Just happy to find I can hit a 12" circle 200-yards away w/ my rifle. Reinforces my conviction to get much more proficient w/ that gun before I ever started thinking about a getting a newer, different rifle. But I can see the addictiveness of long-range shooting!

  6. Are you more interested in small groups at distance or home defense practice? Imo a red dot is good for home defense scenarios and closer in shooting. Standing at 25 and 50 yards is better practice for that then benched at 100-200.

  7. I originally got it as a home defense weapon, but perhaps unsurprisingly I’ve found while zeroing it that trying to make tight groups at distance really is quite fun.

  8. … and I was pleased to get on paper @ 200-yards for the first time aiming that far

  9. It was the high dive at the Forest Country Club in Memorial, back before they tore the high dive down due to liability reasons.

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