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  1. Would you rather have them delay the wedding like in Lois and Clark. Give Lois amnesia or something?

  2. I've seen this ep of Eureka. It made everyone dumber

  3. Cool to look at but not to have a relationship with. Men should be taller than their S/O. Its science.

  4. Original 5: Jean, Scott, Hank, Bobby and Warren. Then I guess Dazzler and Storm

  5. Either oblivious or knows what's going on and is doing his damnest to not look

  6. They all probably listen to whatever genre Dazzler and Lila Cheney preform in

  7. Are you that surprised? Covid knocked Hollywood for a loop, causing them to reschedule movies. I barely know when stuff is coming out

  8. My store has these too. Never understood the point

  9. Would I date you? Yes. Would I have the nerve to ask you out? Probably not

  10. AGREED! Between “let’s fuck” and “what’s ur snap” I hate opening my DMs. Put in a little effort before and maybeeeee you’ll have a chance.

  11. For the longest time, broccoli. Hated it as a kid, now as an adult I'll eat it with a meal if I'm trying to eat healthy

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