1. MP's often wear their covers indoors, if on patrol.

  2. The thing people need to remember about VA disability is that it’s centered around employability. If your joints ache, but don’t prevent you from holding down a 9-5, you’re not getting a big percentage. Connect the dots.

  3. You know you can get 100 percent “workable” right??

  4. Dropping a troop for fucking up in the field beats hauling a body bag - or more than one - later.

  5. Having them understand the fuck up and how to prevent might avoid the body bag though.

  6. That’s a very Military Intelligence, thought-based response of you and much appreciated. Seriously.

  7. I don’t disagree, and depending on the situation, I can definitely understand going that route. My situation was definitely different. In that particular instance, there was nothing these NCOs were “correcting” that was life or death, they were just being dicks because they thought the chevrons gave them that privilege, which I disabused them of very quickly. When I was an instructor we used to get former combat arms guys as MOS-T trainees, and I used to tell them to never forget where they came from and to take every chance to remind all the MI folks (especially the civilians) why they existed.

  8. I mean you can wear whatever but anyone who’s been in recently will hate you for wearing it

  9. To be honest, I hate seeing other vets wear that stuff too.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything good about them.

  11. hey chaplin davis, wanna come with me to the defact?

  12. That was the sleight of hand BS move the Trump admin pulled to try to fool people into thinking they were getting a tax break during COVID.

  13. I just knew someone was going to try to ram their political agenda into a financial question. Rule 6.

  14. There’s no political agenda there. It’s a statement of fact, and one that was pointed out at the time. I would have said the same thing no matter who was in office.

  15. You sure of that? Navy has plenty of suck, it’s just a different kind.

  16. How would you define “army suck” and “navy suck”?

  17. Kind of depends on the person, but an easy example would be living conditions. Field conditions in the Army can suck, but being on a ship and basically sleeping in a coffin (that you might share) probably sucks too.

  18. If you are asking about the Hazelwood Act, that is a state program that can only be used at public schools in Texas. You can use your GI Bill at any approved school in any state.

  19. He'll want to check into residency requirement though. The difference between resident and non-resident tuition can be pretty steep.

  20. FYSA, the uniform regulation doesn’t apply to general officers. Says so right on the cover.

  21. That was totally up to them. I’m guessing one of them started because he thought he was Mr Big Shit. Patron roamed around with a gun belt with a peacemaker in it.

  22. He looks older than 70 though. Joe Biden has a comparable look to old Steve and old Steve looks a few years older than Joe, who is currently 80. So Steve probably looks 85. So the serum took 30 years off.

  23. Aging is a funny thing. I spend a lot of time with old vets working with Honor Flight, and we’ve had 95 year old WWII vets that look and act like they’re in their 60s, and then we’ve have Vietnam vets in their 60s that look 30 years older and can barely stand up.

  24. This is why online/correspondence school have a bad rep.

  25. I remember once our Supply ordered camelbaks for us. That was pretty cool.

  26. …you guys are having fun in the Army??

  27. Same here. Pissed off my Bn Cdr when I did. Hence my retirement award was the signature of the acting Bn Cdr on my final clearing papers and a handshake.

  28. Lucky for me since I was in a joint assignment my retirement award didn’t even touch my Army CoC. They still tried to screw me over - tried to pawn me off on 25ID retirement ceremony (I declined to attend since we didn’t belong to them), then, tried to not do it at all, but the Joint commander inquired, so they scheduled one, but then tried not to invite her, but she figured out the where and when and just showed up, and then stole the BC's thunder by giving me the award herself.

  29. Going 35S to do tactical shit makes about as much sense as going AG to blow stuff up. Unfortunately most recruiters have no idea what 35 series soldiers do and will make shit up instead of admitting it. (And I say that as a career 98K/35S who had 2 tactical assignments a deployment and went to AAS)

  30. There’s nothing wrong with Black Adam. It’s an entertaining film, but it doesn’t exactly require much in the way of thought. I watched it and enjoyed it, but I’ll probably never have any need to watch it again. WF on the other hand, I’m sure I’ll watch several times at least. It depends on what you’re looking for.

  31. Wait, you took E5s and E6s into the Chief' mess???

  32. Well, in this case the Chief's "mess" was just an area of the galley that was roped off from the rest with a few fake plants. But yeah, I had them sit with me. Even better, we had a Drill Sergeant that would have privates sit with him in the Chief's area, just to fuck with the khakis.

  33. Oh damn, I bet they freaked out about the Pvts sitting there. Good times.

  34. He was diabolical. He'd have them sit down then leave to "get some salad" or something, and then just wait for some khaki to say something so he could pop back out and get into his shit.

  35. First I’m hearing about it. Where can I check it out?

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