1. One thing I hate about dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy is that unless you know the person typing is American or from the Philippines, Palau, Canada or Micronesia then for all you know the snapshots in august or was taken 6 days ago.

  2. What's more, the person might not be from any of those countries but just using software that autoformats the American way. Operating in an international environment, this always flummoxed us too.

  3. Thanks. Do you have any relationship with this Cosmos signal?

  4. I remember being very excited in the buildup to that event and watching it, but we have nothing to do with it and it was not a direct inspiration for our name.

  5. Hi everyone this is my latest edit of "The Wall" light will take 20 years to cross from one side to the other. Insanely vast in scale.

  6. Truly beautiful, congratulations. Nice set up. It reminds me of camping in Ohio in the late 60s, we used to pack an old Selsi 60 with us.

  7. Probably should just wait to announce the airdrop until snapshot is done then that’s what he’s getting at.

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