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  1. It's been Cap'n Crunch for as long as I can remember in my almost 30 year existence. Imo it isn't a Mandela effect when a store's label is spelled a little more rigidly than the actual brand name lol, it's just laziness on the stores part

  2. I had chicken pox as a baby then when I was like 8 I got shingles. I am 30, for reference.

  3. The tooth directly behind my bottom canine is very close to being the same length/shape as my canine. Sorta feels like a double canine. Can't remember for sure how it used to feel before but it doesn't feel familiar.

  4. I hadn't ever heard a single thing about the ozone repairing itself. In my reality the ozone was ALWAYS irreversible in terms of damage.

  5. Lmao, I had a bout of exactly that roughly 2-3 weeks ago. It was awwwwfuuuul. Felt like I was pumped full of gross sulfuric air, it lasted for a week.

  6. I live about 10 minutes away from where this happened. I was absolutely obsessed with this case a d the details. He's always been Chinese for me. A Chinese immigrant with a Chinese wife living elsewhere in Canada while he went out on his delusional "bus trip" under the guise of looking for work.

  7. Always had an original theme song for me too. I watched that show every day after school lol

  8. I was 18 and addicted to Benzo's for a few years around then so there's not many details I remember

  9. For me, it was when King Tut's death mask sprouted a vulture on its forehead. The forehead snake, which was previously centred, was pushed to the side so that it and the vulture sit 'balanced'.

  10. This is incredibly fcuked up!!! I was obsessed with ancient Egypt as a kid, I had countless books and model toys, he always only had a snake. Wtf this looks sooo wrong

  11. Could the cheekbone ridges account for some of the facial differences some of us have noticed in ourselves?

  12. Reading through this, I wonder if this has been happening to me too. So many times I will be talking to people and then whatever they're about to say, it just "pops" into my head and appears in my thoughts and then a split second later, they are speaking the very words I knew they were going to speak. It's bizarre and I never gave it much thought, but yes, now I DO wonder why this happens.

  13. You just stumbled halfway into another classic ME. It's the Hadron Collider, but many like myself remember Haldron. And some of us also remember a brief time when it was Hedron. So this one is actually part of a growing group of tripartite retcons, like Fabreeze/Febreeze/Febreze or Chic/Chik/Chick-fil-A.

  14. For some reason, it's always been Hadron for me. I remember memes coming out about "Hard On", and the same joke was made in The Big Bang theory in my timeline lol

  15. WAKE UP, RETCONNED, WAKE UP!! I DONT LIKE THIS TIMELINE actually wait maybe I do, I've had a few really good things happen to me over the past few days haha

  16. Always been Taxi Driver. Some residue from 1994 is a song called Just Another Victim, put out by Helmet ft. House of Pain. "๐ŸŽถI'm a survivor, feeling like DeNiro in Tax Driver, with Jodie Foster and Harvey Keitel๐ŸŽถ"

  17. I ordered a couple bottles a month ago, for less than $20 on Amazon ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  18. I'd read elsewhere that the child case was a 17 year old male. I mean that's pretty much on the cusp of "adulthood" in Canada where legal age is 18.

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