1. I did clip a couple of the encounters through Medal

  2. Its a current bug but it seems only a few maps are like this interchange gets shot on sight by AI scav and customs not as much

  3. I’m giving shit to a pmc who extract camps player scavs for a shitty double barrel in the last 2 minutes of a raid

  4. Quesarito, mexican pizza and crunchwrap supreme

  5. Looks like they love the russian MTS-255

  6. If you have bad rep you should get dirty cheap poor clothes that are covered in blood

  7. You’ll wanna find a marshy town in the spring and summer its swarms and spawns all around any marsh like hell during summer time

  8. I get alot of better items out of the moonshine i’ll do an intel once a week but i’m just running moonshine i’ve gotten some t-shirt armor out of it

  9. Boyds featherweight thumbhole but its a thumbhole stock and idk if you’re into thumbholes but its abt $250-$300 with shipping

  10. He was using another kids content for his own and he farmed bad here just like the repetive “add (x) to your age” posts

  11. Hey dude we’re 14 we call it hanging out not playing anymore

  12. CursedDLLs with counterfeit slap rounds for a bad time

  13. R/YPYT users try not to fall for bait (impossible)

  14. Get the cleaning rod under the barrel and get a patch and check it out yourself we cant tell much from here

  15. I’d play solo just so i can shoot on sight and not ask “is that you?” Over and over and getting killed before an answer

  16. I try not to blink and hope for the best

  17. I traded an injectors for mine cuz i dont l use stims but, right click, required search,exclude bartering offers and you can see what people’ll give ya

  18. Me and my friend were scavving interchange and we were taking potshots and eachother and pscavs came behind him and shot him and i came around asking for meds and they healed me i gave them stuff my friend said “i’m coming out i’m friendly” he said i shot him first i said i didnt and i told them to waste that scav and he got dropped immediately and us 5 pscavs walked to emercom joyously

  19. Where can you get one of those? Asking for a friend…

  20. Its in argentinian dollars they’re only $5

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