1. I would suggest Arlington Heights. Has a great downtown and a good night scene. Metra can get your downtown as well.

  2. You are already discussing it with me in this thread bud. lets suggest places that fit all criteria and not suburbs we want them to move to because we may be there/ close by :)

  3. The ony thing that is outside of their criteria is that it's a tad bit closer than a half hour from Downers.

  4. You cant say its a primarily democratic city when it votes Republican by a large margin. Again, your source leans it democratic because of cook county which it says plain as day.

  5. I believe in Will County you can have a cat off-least. But then you have to live in Will County

  6. We've got 36 hours left of nice weather, let's not be hasty

  7. did you come up with this joke yourself

  8. Hey! I also ride. For IL the best is probably route 2 from Rockford to Dixon along the river. There are also some decent roads in Campton Hills and Route 25 from Saint Charles to Oswego is decent. I have also done the Palos Preserves but its way too short and not really worth the drive. Galena is probably the best in N Illinois. Typically, I head up to WI / Driftless area every time I want to ride

  9. Shop around, I dont have Geico but my car insurance didn't go up at all

  10. Exactly. Like the Chicago Wolves that play in Rosemont! or the other half dozen MLB and NFL teams that play in one city but has the larger city name. Ya'll dumb as fuck

  11. People all over the world visit those cities. People all over the world do not travel to visit just Tampa. Heck, most people in the country do not travel to Tampa

  12. Quiet quitting are people doing the job you are paying them to do and only do. Thats not quitting, thats doing your job.

  13. two sides to every story. If you left my glass empty for 15-20min then what am I tipping for?

  14. Looks like 2, Glen Carbon is a suburb of St. Louis.

  15. Local warehouse (Saint Charles, IL) has them but they are in individual containers now and you have to ask

  16. beautiful piece. good luck with the birth and heres to a healthy mom and baby

  17. little large for you but great watch none the less

  18. Shame your not stopping in Naperville, the downtown area has one of the best bar hopping scenes outside the city.

  19. we are on UPW not BNSF, but naperville has a great bar scene but its kind of a hike from metra, walking - wise

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