1. Would this be a good buy at $550 USD? It's ref. 636.0557.3 and NOS. It seems like a rare model since only 600 were made.

  2. It's ref. 636.0557.3 and being sold for ca. $500. Is this a rare model?

  3. I would not do business with that kind of character. Also, I'd tell him — "you just earned a negative review on Google Maps". Online reputation is key these days.

  4. These tough little buggers are future classics! Prices have increased a lot on the SNK field watches.

  5. Nice gold find! Though this fella is matches the British Sovereign (7.99 grams at .917 fineness

  6. Bought a Cinco Pesos Colombian gold coin (1924) today for just under spot. It's 7.9 grams (.916 purity).

  7. Of course they are. All circulating coins are numismatics. They are standard circulation coins made from .917 fine (22k) gold.

  8. Wow, thank you so much for this detailed history on the coin! Interesting that this is not a Latin Monetary Union coin, but pegged to the British Sovereign standard. Will try to grab some more Colombian coins.

  9. Agree that it looks legit. But the bezel definitely has been polished. Pretty heavily. Compare the sharpness of the bezel edges with others and you’ll see what I mean.

  10. You're right. The bezel looks uneven and poorly polished; lots of rounded edges. I think I will pass on this one since I prefer for my watches to be unpolished.

  11. Wondering if there are any red flags on this Bond midsize automatic.

  12. The sovereign looks funny. The reverse of the Austrian—hard to tell due to photo. The Venezuela coin looks the most decent and best of the three

  13. Thanks, I agree. I think for certain, the Venezuela coin looks to be the only genuine.

  14. I have never seen that mark by the back of his neck on any sov before, and I've seen thousands.

  15. Thanks. Yes, the Sovereign looks funny. I think I will take a pass on that one.

  16. Saw this at a store today. What reference is this?

  17. This IS a Tuna, FWIW. It is in the lineage of the 300M tunas going back to the 7549-7010 era.

  18. Glad to hear QC issues seem to be less present on this level of Seiko watches.

  19. Thanks. These sell for over 1k, so that's why I was wondering if there are still QC issues.

  20. I really like this strap on the samurai. (And I mean this one, not the one that comes with the samurai)

  21. Yes, I boiled my Z-22 and it's a bit more molded to my wrist now. I think a bit more months on the wrist will mold it even more.

  22. I personally prefer the flat vent z22, not the wave. But I have a wave vent, it gets some occasional use. A ton harder to break in compared to the flat vent.

  23. Did not know there were two Z-22 versions. Would mine from the photo be the wave version?

  24. Thoughts on the SMPc? The only SMP300 without waves, and the first with ceramic. A bit slimmer to the current model.

  25. Don't have a GMT nor Chrono in my collection. I'm between a Tudor Black Bay Pro GMT or Speedy Moonwatch Heaslite 3861 for my 6.5. in. wrist. The other watch aleady my collection is a SMP300.

  26. You're going to get the Speedy eventually. Go with the BB or you'll never get it.

  27. You read my mind. The Speedy is where my heart says.

  28. Try to see the positive: A chance for Very effective DCA for you at the moment.

  29. New account. Where's your evidence that new stackers have sold and bailed? Or are you pulling that fact out your arse?

  30. Colombia es ahora un circo con esta mamerta, que ni sabe los depts. del país.

  31. Dents and scratches won´t matter as much IMO. What devalues a vintage watch (which this SMP model now is), is unoriginal parts, and over polishing.

  32. Todas se han devaluado las últimas semanas. Pero DE LEJOS, la de Colombia es de las que más.

  33. I want to get an OEM bracelet for my SARB017, but this look great on that Alpinist.

  34. Definitely some humidity made it to the dial. That said, at least the patina is uniform.

  35. My only preference of the C over the A is the fact that it was more easily regulated. The balance assembly on the C carried over into the 4R/NH series movements. It's better in that sense.

  36. Thank you for this concise information on the differences between A/B/C!

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