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  1. It sounds like they are just trying to get money out of you. I have never heard of a personality test to diagnose depression. Also if you have already been diagnosed prior in your home country you should be able to go to a psychiatrist, tell them your diagnosis and they will write you a prescription to treat it. The prices you are mentioning are outrageous.

  2. You also see those strollers in japan. Honestly i cant tell if they are stupid enough to carry their pets in strollers because its "cute", or their pets are a bit too old to walk for a long distance, which is a better use of a stroller.

  3. I have a friend who has a stroller for her dog because the dog is too old and blind to walk. I do see a lot of people with obviously young dogs in strollers or carry bags though. It just feels like an accessory at that point.

  4. Has a reason for this ever been disclosed? There can't be a logical one, right? I mean isn't this the only state doing this, or are there others?

  5. I heard it has something to do with those states insurance policies when it comes to the gas businesses. I'm assuming something along the lines of it doesn't cover certain accidents or whatever if a customer pumps their own gas.

  6. I have heard from other foreign teachers as well as Korean teachers, that kids not being potty trained in Kindergarten is not that uncommon of an issue here.

  7. Oh yeah? If I’m right, than where’s this!?

  8. Not sure what you are talking about but on the artists ig the post of the light bulb street sign literally says "rise and shine ny"

  9. It was a joke, that’s a picture I took in universal studios Japan of New York buildings and New York street signs even though I previously pointed out how it was weird that the first part of the gif looks like the Japan, but the rest looks like New York.

  10. Ah. The original comment was deleted so I didn't realize what you were responding to.

  11. Right? After any fight he instigated I was forced to apologize. In his words,"sometimes you just need to apologize even when you aren't in the wrong." Apparently this never applied to him though.

  12. Am I belittling or am I calling you on your shit? Yeah I wouldn't be in your shoes because I recognize my flaws and work on them instead of making them everyone else problem.

  13. Ok you clearly are choosing not to see the issue. Fix your goddamn personality!

  14. I mean I wouldn’t want a nicely drawn cop car on me either.

  15. Totally. The style completely adds to thr sentiment of the tattoo. 10/10

  16. A plastic bag filled with plastic bags. Though a lot of stores are going plastic bag free lately, depending on your state.

  17. I’m seriously wondering what I’m going to scoop my cat poop into… I’m slowly running out of my bag collection.

  18. Crowd source some more from the lovely people of reddit.

  19. Absolutely love this!! If you ever start selling them please update us!

  20. I’m not a huge fan or gender reveals, but this one is cute and non harmful so if it makes them happy so be it

  21. Agreed. It nice to see a gender reveal that seems to not cause any environmental damage or injuries.

  22. Oof, only saw the "jews are not permitted" at the top at first. Probably the finest example of poor type layout I have ever seen.

  23. Tongue scrapers are a game changer. Everyone should have one.

  24. As a native New Yorker, to say Itaewon or anywhere in Korea is even close offends me haha but that is besides the point.

  25. Financial abuse is definitely a thing. My ex used to occasionally lock me in the room to make me late to school or work to jeopardize my job. He also tricked me into moving in with him meaning I had to leave my job to move to another country, under the promise he would help me find a better job. He not only didn't help me a find a job he used the excuse of me not being able to find a job within the month of March 2020 ( you know when companies were laying people off at the beginning of covid?) to kick me out on the street. He wanted me to be financially dependant on him so, he could take that support away as he pleased.

  26. I'm tired of this weird race myth that people parrot online about race that I've never seen in real life ever. Ugly white women are not seen as any prettier than ugly black women. I live near Fresno and pretty black girls are more desired than the white girls, pretty or non. Latinas are the most desirable. I don't know where this weird myth comes from that white women no matter how pretty or ugly are seen as the most desirable. If you live in fucking Ohio sure but anywhere else it's just not the case. I agree with your other sentiment, though. Pretty girls complaining about feeling ugly or lonely then having their boyfriend make them feel all better 10 seconds later is annoying and I'm tired of us having to listen to that bs all the time. You're not ugly or lonely if you have a boyfriend or tons of friends.

  27. I mean, it's not a myth there are literally statistics on race and marriage. That maybe the case in your town but that's literally one place. It is a world wide known fact that colorism is an issue and an issue that disproportionately effects women when it comes to dating.

  28. I have not lived in those countries but I recently did something similar with my family in another country. So I will try to give advice and hopefully it applies.

  29. Is it impossible to take out a loan in your own name instead of your mother's? I cannot really give advice in regards to a situation where there is financial dependence, since I don't really have experience in that ( I have been pretty much financially independent since 16-17). If you are applying for a masters program I'm assuming you have been working for a few years? So, if you have evidence of that I think you should be able to get some sort of loan. I know not all banks in all countries work the same though.

  30. HAHAHAH I am in that subreddit when I saw this post I assumed it was here. Why the hell is it in Disney font?!

  31. The Disney font was the first thing that stood out to me too!! Bold choice.

  32. When I saw the headline I assumed it was and old one about the dialysis fire that happened in icheon a few months ago. But it's a recent article. What is going on with all of the icheon dialysis hospitals? I know someone who fortunately survived the one in August.

  33. Sorry don't have an answer but I come with a tangentially related question. Anyone know why Korea has so much underwear for sale at department stores and such? I feel like every single large store I go into there is an extremely large section of undergarments for sale. At HomePlus? Pretty much every floor has a section. Are they that much in demand? lol

  34. I'm assuming that's just where most people go for underwear. You will notice most other korean clothing stores doesn't sell underwear unless it's a western brand like h&m. Also, idk if it's just me but the hard water here is rough on my clothes so my frequently washed items get holes or the fabric thins out pretty quickly.

  35. h&m sells thongs and boy shorts but they’re not very sexy, just casual. they’ll be fine for what you’re looking for

  36. I second h&m for functionality. Coupang is also an option, probably faster shipping than Amazon. Asos is also decent for underwear, shoes and clothes in general for ladies that run on the "tall and/or bigger size" .

  37. Fw burnt umber repeated 10 times diluted in small amount of water

  38. I love the almost leather look it has to it. I've never seen flash on this color. I also like the idea of flash on a darker tone of paper so you can see how the art would look on a darker skin tone.

  39. The photoshop on this is so bad it looks like a elementary student did it. I didn't believe it was real until looking through the comments for confirmation. I don't eat meat but curious what it looks like in reality. If one of you brave souls decides to take one for the team and order it please post a photo.

  40. Are you asking about general difficulties of living in SK, or difficulties that are specific to teachers?

  41. The pants and sleeve length thing? forget it, and don't even get me started on shoes if you are anything above a women's us 8. Get ready to live in sneakers (not too much a complaint until winter/snow comes)

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