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  1. Definitely candyflip. LSD + MDMA work wonderfully together. Also shrooms + MDMA

  2. Haven’t done acid and will probably hold off for a while but defintely trying some golden teacher and MD. What’s a good dose if you’ve never combined the two?

  3. Idk if I'm the best person to recommend dosages as I'm very careful with dosages that I take for all drugs. However if you still want to hear my two cents, here it goes. 1.5g of some golden teachers (you can choose to lemon tek or not) and 120mg of MDMA should be more than enough for a great night.

  4. I'm at Portugal but I pay around ~10€ from the onions, specially the Netherlands.

  5. Assuming you’re going with friends, Vondelpark is great. I go there almost every time I Trip in Amsterdam, laying down a picnic table with some friends eating fruit and having drinks, listening to music and laughing our asses off, burning through a couple Js and a box of Marlboro’s while talking absolute rubbish and admiring the visuals in the park.

  6. Totally agreed. I do drugs responsably (even if the temption to "cheat" is high) so I can use drugs longer as possible.

  7. Most raves in Portugal, they make you put a little thing to tape your camera so no one can really record it!

  8. you could, but most people are respectful when it comes to it. There's always going to be exceptions tho.

  9. Usually I smoke a joint as it makes my anxiety go away. If you want a more healthy method I recommend meditation, it can also be very helpful.

  10. With a 50mg of MDMA you won't feel much, because MDMA can't be microdosed to feel little effects. So my advice is take your antibiotics and go to the festival sober because you can still have fun there

  11. Got to the onion field and a gram of MDMA will cost you between 10-15€

  12. Trabalho na NOS e temos a indicacao que uns 10000 números foram erradamente contactados a dizer que tinham ganho o concurso. Acho que não podes fazer muita coisa sobre isso visto que foi erro de números, mas ao menos podes aproveitar os dados grátis

  13. This post just gave me the final strength that I needed to cut my daily use. I've been trying to only smoke when I get home in the end of the day and I noticed how much better the high really feels instead of smoking everyday.

  14. O consumo de drogas leves não é legalizado em Portugal?

  15. Sempre bom ver tugas por aqui. take care bro

  16. I'm doing it rn, but I also do it every day lmao

  17. For me water, a ton of natural juices and occasionally a beer if I'm feeling frisky

  18. On Darkode, after a purchase when you are asked for shipping details, it also says “notes are automatically encrypted using the vendors own PGP key”… I just ignored that and encrypted myself. I did right, right?

  19. yes, never use market's pgp, always encrypt yourself.

  20. you have several options I think, I always used tails pgp system and never had a problem. search youtube videos or read the bible and you'll realize it's mostly ctrl + c / ctrl + v

  21. Para mim é sempre um café e um charro. Saudável para saúde física de certeza que não o é, mas para a saúde mental faz maravilhas

  22. I remember my old days when I used to smoke ash with amber leaf lmao

  23. I love this sub and I got Mac tattoed on myself, I'm pretty sure I'll never forget!

  24. me and my homies have this idea of an alternative universe where we would be smoking and whenever someone makes smoking rings the others would poke it in the middle with one finger because thats how you would get high in this alternative universe lmao

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