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  1. They are suppose to just be filled with air not a liquid so yes

  2. Shock absorbers have oil in them, not air. There is a small amount of air or gas, (about 10%) but oils are the primary fluid.

  3. Africa looks like a vertical New Zealand.

  4. After a year of this, I decided to disconnect my LGs from HomeKit, block internet access to them, and just use the 4K ATVs I already had plugged into them. Way better, and resolved various AirPlay issues. Next time I buy a TV, it’s going to the dumbest one I can find, given the kind of stuff LG will send back to their servers.

  5. I blocked my LG C1 from accessing anything other than my LAN. No talking to strangers!

  6. I can expound on this quite a bit, and maybe I’ll come back and edit this. I’m coming up on Four Fucking Years not drinking and I’ve learned a lot. I went through a pretty serious bout of depression earlier this year.

  7. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  8. I tend to buy at the top and ride the slide all the way down. Makes life more interesting to see if I'll ever break even again. Long INTC...

  9. They might be Malinois, or some other Shep, but as someone who had a German Shepard, (and there were two in the house), I can only imagine the joy/nightmare that is four!

  10. 12/10 for the good boi, give your doggo pets

  11. Also the capabilities of more modern equipment is simply classified.

  12. I, so badly, want to memorize this for the off chance someone asks me to recite the alphabet. Unfortunately I know my brain isn't good enough anymore. No new stuff gets saved. :(

  13. You gotta reset the cache, try holding down “control LSD.” When the menu pops up, select N ₂O and hold it until you hear the screen go black and see the reset sound.

  14. Both eyes open when I reach the stage of applying pressure to the trigger. Also allows you to watch the bubble level as you finalize your shot.

  15. Oh that’s actually a viable option. I have been able to duplicate icons by dragging them from the App Library, when I’ve wanted easy access to my most used ones. I didn’t think about using multiple screen and hiding them. It’s not as good as the option to easily switch between setups, but it’s definitely a good substitute for it. Thanks mate.

  16. If you combine this, with using Focus, you can have a bunch of different layouts.

  17. One small piece of commercial real estate. 200% over 8 years, not counting rental income.

  18. Man I’ve been a welder for 2 years and the angle grinder is still the most fun part of my job

  19. I'm a pacifist too. You'd be surprised how peaceful long range marksmanship can be!

  20. It my favorite part. Wilderness, solitude, and math! There’s a loud noise every now and then.

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