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  1. Bitcoin will hit the bottom of this cycle on ▓▓▓▓▓ at ▓▓:▓▓ UTC at a price of $▓▓▓▓.▓▓ on the ▓▓▓▓▓▓ exchange.

  2. Very much so! Keep it in good light without too mich stress from direct sunlight and it will eventually grow new sprouts from the base. Also, I reccomend to give it a good cut in spring or if a good grow period is ahead.

  3. $bounce (Bounce Auction Token) all the way. Market Cap at about $ 10M. Circulated supply 2M, total supply at 10M. Backed by Coinbase Ventures.

  4. remind me! 1 year. I lumped in some huge 15$😄

  5. Almost never cobweb mold. You will be fine😄

  6. I belive it is on ledger live now, so you should be able to download the app and send all your funds to the account

  7. Unfortunatly the ledger live desktop app only shows a link on how to setup the account via myhbarwallet once I want to add an account on the accounts tab. Strange it is.

  8. Get your account ID (account number) via hashpack. That’s how I did it after having the same struggles you’re having.

  9. I am sorry for your struggle but also happy to see that I am not the only one. I got restless legs looking at this website.

  10. Hi, We’ll be happy to provide some information on this. Hbar is only supported in the Ledger Live desktop for now. Our teams are working on Ledger Live mobile integration but they are unable to provide an ETA at the moment. We'll make sure to tweet once information on this. Stay tuned!

  11. Can you please elahorate how this should be done? I am not new to this space, but it seems to be rocket science to set up an account.

  12. I think I found some trich. Sorry to tell you. No one did, but it is there in plane sight.

  13. Use bags, prefarably from Unicorn Bags. With these you will no longer have this pain in the gl-ass;)

  14. Yeah I just got some bags a little while ago to see how well my gourmet LC works with sawdust. I haven't tried grain yet but after this I'm definitely trying it out.

  15. You will love it. I only always make sure to have the small pockets in the base filled with substrate, so there is a good bridge/connection for mycelium to grow in there.

  16. She loves it, yeah, yeah yeah...🎶🥳😊

  17. This for sure looks otherworldly nice!

  18. Use banana for scale or it did not happen.

  19. Can anyone try to explain if this guy really uses his ledger to have his Aleph Zero safely working with polkadot.js?

  20. So she might be happy I just sent her to fruiting:)

  21. A giveaway? Open my beer! And I'd love the win a steel backup set:)

  22. One can always sell it at a lower price.

  23. ocwb says:

    I hold mine in my AZERO wallet on Polkadot.js.

  24. Hi! I looked up this comment and would like to ask for your help. As a slight experienced user I managed to link my ledger nano X to polkadot.js. I see expected funds.

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