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  1. Sometimes I wish I had a metric tape measure. Converting between decimal and fraction constantly is annoying.

  2. I think about base 10 and how great it might be. Then there's the common measurements which would be a quark to get use to. 4x8 is now 1.22x2.44 meters.

  3. True. Would definitely make amaerian materials a pain.

  4. They're really cheap for the size you get. Cam girls love them

  5. There are ways to modify it to be a finger sander. could be a good use

  6. If you got to it before it dried you might be able to save it.

  7. That’s why I initially went with wubby but I was worried wubcubs wouldn’t be able to find it if they searched paymoneywubby, so I changed it but I may change it back. But I prefer just wubby also.

  8. If we're going for long term success I think subtle vs streamer raiding Google maps is a better move.

  9. Mine were too wide. It was really narrow. I ended up using a wrench from my e24 toolkit and then ordered the slim ones for future stupid vehicles

  10. Having and E24 and a full set of thin wrenches, I'm bummed to think the wrench in my car might have helped me - lol

  11. Was a popular thing to give girls a boys name.

  12. I do know a Hillary. Huge dude so I doubt anyone has every given him shit.

  13. Most places have just raised their prices. Most of the places I eat have gone up a couple dollars for each item.

  14. At leas I’m Down Under they take them scuba diving! I’m shocked other seasons zero divers. Id do anything expect sit around and watch the staff lol

  15. Honestly, if I'm on the boat for 2 days I'll go scuba after I get off. I'm maximizing my boat time!

  16. I got the largest cleaning station I could thinking I would need it.

  17. Local fresh water springs. Morrison springs and Ponce De Leon springs are non-touristy spots worth checking out.

  18. If you want to see Florida to its fullest exego to vortex springs

  19. Lower the model so the hollow part is cut off and print it again.

  20. Thank you one is my precious mother and the other is "Antie" so I'm paranoid sending them alone. Im an over worrier. Look I have this irrational fear of either of them just disappearing on their vacations. Like I track them the whole time they are away. Like, I'mma be at that last known location huntin them down myself. Lol.

  21. It's pretty safe here! Don't worry. Farther west toward 30a the quieter it will be.

  22. When i was apartment hunting i quickly noticed you can get the same apartment in Lynn haven for about 1000 less than on the beach.

  23. Definitely. Lower income should move off the beach area and use that money for reliable transportation!

  24. This is the same technique disney uses for some of their rides

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