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  1. Ha. I have two I've trained to fetch. They love it and ask to play.

  2. It’s a great way for them to be active and to get them tired out. This is Syrup but the older sister Maple also loves fetch, Maple prefers springs but Syrup will do it with anything she can carry 😊

  3. Lol. Yep. We play with them for same reasons. Keeps them active and wears them out. Love it when they pant like our dogs. We have one that likes to jump and try to catch when we throw stuff as well.

  4. I just used my serial and it was fine

  5. Fold4 is my first fold. Waited for how they would play out. Can't speak to anything long term or against previous years but I'm finding myself really feeling the opened form factor is a sweet spot size wise for me. I've already noticed I don't notice the fold crease at all unless I look for it or at an angle.

  6. Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says, "Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it."

  7. What about the account that IS coinbase support? Are you saying they are not? Diabolical

  8. For me its always D. Interesting you are C.

  9. Well what makes it more confusing is that later on you can buy and sell these tokens so wouldn't it be a PITA to be constantly updating the LLC paperwork?

  10. (appologies for such a long comment, this topic makes me angry)

  11. None of this is unknown. All you did was waste time thinking it is news to people.

  12. You could name and exchange DeezNutzRugPulls and advertise some stupid return and people will throw money at it then complain when it fails.

  13. This could be the most elaborate scam I’ve seen so far on here. Came out of nowhere

  14. I already sent them my private keys...

  15. Good luck. They are 149 or less new from ledger. Plus it's not hard to re-shrinkwrap something.

  16. Open your Loopring wallet app and click send, then choose “To another L1 (incl. exchange)”. Go to Coinbase and copy your Loopring address and return to the wallet app to paste it. Click on address type and then choose “others” under exchange. Select your coins, amount, and approve the transaction and you’re done. There is no need to send to your L1 first In the Loopring wallet app unless you want to pay gas fees twice.

  17. This. More people need to look at their options. No reason as you said to pay gas twice even if it's with points. Did this a few times. Works flawless with CB and other exchanges.

  18. I also was a fan of layerswap beta. Now what I do is send to my loopring L1 then to CB using points to cover gas.

  19. Just send direct. Works fine without moving to L1 first.

  20. Click the send button and choose L1 as the destination. Use coinbase or whatever as the receiving exchange connected to your bank account

  21. Yeah I'm not sure people are seeing this option or they don't understand it. I have done it 3 times. L2 send to exchange of my choice. Paid fees with points. Convert to cash, withdraw.

  22. Ally, discover bank, nbkc, capital one, us bank.

  23. I think that one thing that is never mentioned here but needs to be taken into consideration is that while this subreddit is vocal, it's a minuscule representation of the total number of users on the CDC platform as a whole.

  24. Good lord about time someone else said it. Reddit is so full of itself thinking that they represent the majority.

  25. Same. As well as all CRO from card cash back gets converted to cosmos. I have hit my goal with CRO

  26. True. All my rebates/cash back get converted.

  27. I look at location (for income tax reasons), then would I live there (if it came down to needing a place, not selling my house etc and moving in), CoC and IRR potential.

  28. To each their own. I see a much bigger picture than you. It's fine. You enjoy yours.

  29. That's not the reason man. This is really weird. I recorded the difference every day and it had never changed that much. 100+ million cro were staked today. It's usually between -1 to 4.

  30. I don't know when but I swear I've seen it below 12 before. It wasn't long, maybe a couple days.

  31. My man... that's where I was going.

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