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  1. Sounds to me like we need a group. The Olight Alliance lol

  2. Lmao your right. Imma call them alien gats now.

  3. Aim surplus has federal 5.7 at 34 dollars

  4. Friends don't let friends buy LAX/Freedom.

  5. I buy in bulk from them and I haven’t had an issue so far. Just the ball stuff not their defense loads

  6. Everyone says that till it's squib time. It's not an if, its a when. Pay attention to recoil impulse with those.

  7. Most definitely, thank you I was unaware of squibs with their brand

  8. Nice I'm doing something similar. I sent an a2 upper to have the ejection port opened up for 458 socom and custom 607 style muzzle device. I'm also going to have a tromax retro 458 barrel set up on it and sbr it. I call it the super commando carbine. But yours looks awesome. How's she shoot?

  9. It’s shoots really flat. I put a h2 buffer in it because I’m running a tommy frt15 3m now, And it’s really pleasant. That 458 build you got going on sounds badass.

  10. Yes I'm definitely excited. Hopefully it will be done baring the stamp next month if everything goes well. I'm glad that yours shoots as nice as it looks.

  11. This the guy that was bragging about getting an ankle monitor for driving drunk

  12. Where do you get your mags for the fb?

  13. Hmm, but they’re ghost guns. They don’t exist

  14. Nooooiiice! The sights really make it, imo. Clean, simple, cost effective, and has some sex appeal! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Diggin it!

  15. Thank you, I’m digging the gold slide on your strike build. I would of built this on a strike lower if they were still available.

  16. I appreciate that! Thanks! Yeahhh, those strikes have been tough to get a hold of. Got lucky about 6 months ago when Rainier had a batch.. Grabbed one up in a hurry! Hey, strike or not, your build is on point!

  17. that’ll work with my 40cal? Mine only holds ten rounds

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