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  1. DCA from under $1000 to the bottom (which obviously nobody knows, but the general consensus is - we're in a bear market, we have further to go, therefore DCA is the best strategy).

  2. You look like some actor but I can't remember his name. Phoebe's brother in friends? Anyway, you're not ugly, you're above average. 5.7 - 6.

  3. Was pretty good looking from then, his bote was his flow who he fixed afterwoord

  4. Someone raised their daughter and now they're selling feet pics on reddit.

  5. I hate these "$X" by "X". Predictions. Nobody knows!! We're in the middle of a bear market, $4k EOY is ridiculous. We haven't seen the bottom yet imo.

  6. Not surprising, most people who get an airdrop sell immediately. I bought a whole 1 ETHW on top of my airdrop lol.

  7. Report them to mods so they can be banned from this sub.

  8. Decided not to give him what he's looking for πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ lol

  9. They don't have it, and when that is revealed, or there is a bank run, we'll see a huge crash in crypto. I've been waiting for it for a long time. It has to happen eventually and it will be positive in the long run but very painful in the short term.

  10. Why would it be reasonable to take advantage of a severely disabled person? Lol

  11. Very attractive imo. TRM - 5.7 - 6. Next time take natural, face-level, makeup-free pics for better rating. These may be slightly more flattering that reality, hard to say.

  12. Some random guy posts a 9/10 model and you guys rate it 7

  13. Lol I know what's wrong with people this clearly isn't OP...

  14. Mods can we get verification? Doubt this is OP.

  15. Unrateable pics imo. Need neutral facial expressions and preferably no makeup.

  16. Tell that to the 8 year old boys in the shibarmy sub LOL but trust me bro they will all be millionaires when shib hits $10

  17. πŸ˜‚ Nice that you're involving them young!

  18. *insert that meme of confused woman doing math calculations but it's crypto noob calculating how much he'll be worth if SHIB hits $1 oblivious to the fact that it's impossible*

  19. Really this guy isn’t model tier? The TRM guide must just be off then for him because in his prime he’s the sort of guy that would turn heads instantly

  20. MicroStrategy just feels like me but with more money. Buying whether it's a good time or not lol.

  21. Hard to give a rate but I will say that I feel the beard ages you.

  22. He was a necessary evil because without him the counter reformation would have never happened.

  23. Nonsense. He broke the Church in half and was the trigger for countless deaths in religious wars. There were reformers who reformed the Church from within.

  24. thats why i posted him, he doesnt really fit the trm standards but he is clearly good looking

  25. TRM is a funny thing. It's a very specific set of criteria, so fairly objective, but attraction is entirely subjective. When I look at the women that are like 8 and 9 on trm I'm not really attracted to them, although I can see that they are objectively attractive. I like character, a little asymmetry, etc.

  26. America's healthcare system does seem horrific.

  27. You Weird move. When did you buy or what was your average price?

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