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  1. We had an English cream who weighed 100 lbs and was big and stocky. Current boy is 43 lbs at 24 weeks.

  2. We Neutered at 6 months. We had to. He started to show aggressive tendencies towards his Dachshunds brothers and dominance even with training. Now he's a push over. Since our vet is an orthopedic specialist and takes care of our husky mix with hip dysplasia and a bad knee, He's the one I take advice from. He checks Radars hips and make sure his weight is regulated. We have a super fit 1.4 year old with a happier demeaner and no lingering puppy behavior.

  3. You said “ no lingering puppy behavior.”. That caught my eye. Does early neutering cause puppy behaviors to last longer? Curious why you said that.

  4. Thanks. This is so great to hear as I have an almost 6 month old. How old was your boy when you had him neutered?

  5. I once had a golden who was totally fine during the day for 8 hours at 5 months. Never had an accident. Slept all day and was a happy, loving good boy his whole life. I think 2 months is too young, but people have to work. Our current pup is 5 months and is also fine in the crate while we work. My son lets him out before he heads to school. This golden is also happy and just naps in his crate until I get home at 3:15. It can be done but most people will advise against it. If you get a 2 month old maybe take a week or two off work and then see if someone can come a few times during the day for a potty break and play time and lunchtime. Good luck in your decision.

  6. It's like having a baby, you swear never again, and then it gets better, and you fall for it again later 😂 We have an amazing ability to forget the worst of situations. We just adopted a 5mo rescue and have not had a dog for 3 years. Our previous one was a boxer we got at 8 weeks and had for 10 years. I don't remember a SINGLE difficult moment with her as a puppy except her first night where she cried a lot in the crate. In my mind, she potty trained immediately and had no accidents, never chewed up anything. I have zero memory of what was, I have no doubt, a stressful and difficult time. Now that we have this pup, I am thinking "Did I forget the boxer's entire puppyhood? Was it like this, too!?" 😂

  7. Yep! I have a 5 month old golden and sniff walks do wonders. I take mine every evening at 7:00. I also fees him using a snuffle mat. All that sniffing really makes a difference in his energy level.

  8. “Can you just see there are dishes in the sink and DO them? Like an adult?”

  9. Or can you just put the fork in the dishwasher that is 1 foot away from the kitchen sink? How hard is that, really?

  10. My puppy just turned 5 months and lost his 3 canines this weekend. The adult canines were already popping in. I honestly think my guys is almost done losing his teeth. He started losing them in July. And you are right, Google doesn't say much about the loss of teeth in pups.

  11. We are the same person. lol. I feel ya.

  12. I kind of hope my guy is on the smaller side. He is almost 5 months and 36 lbs. His mom is 60 and dad is 70. Hoping he ends up around 60 lbs.

  13. How do you socialize the dog without taking it out? That is top priority to do when puppy. That is really the only thing you can get behind on. Commands and all that you can always teach them. Of course better to practice every day so it will learn to focus and listen.

  14. I took my dog to Lowes a few time before he was fully vaccinated. I put a blanket in the cart and he just sat in there and I pushed him around the store.

  15. A happy pee! We had a golden who did this and outgrew it by 6 months. I think most dogs just outgrow it as the mature.

  16. Yes. I just started last week. My husband lets her out in the middle of the day, but it still makes me sad.

  17. Right! My son has late arrival to school and will let ours out before he leaves. It makes me sad too, but mama has to work! I am really amazed by the amount of people who work from home.

  18. Yes. I feel like a minority here because we have to work outside the home. She is doing ok, though. I have a camera on her. Her 2 Kongs help, and she sleeps most of the day. I also wake up at 5 to give her 2 full hours out before she goes back in.

  19. I will be getting up early and doing the same! It’s funny with my previous dogs I never worried about crating them while I worked. But I feel bad for this one. Maybe because I got him right when summer break started and he just hangs with me. The others I got during the school year and just did what we had to do.

  20. My golden lost his too and bottom front teeth at 4 months. He is almost 5 months and his canines are popping through but the baby canines are not lose yet. I figure they will loosen up soon and all will be well. I’m sure your pup will be fine too.

  21. Right! I just looked in my pups mouth and looks like he just lost a bottom canine within the last hour. The mixture of puppy and adult teeth is kind of funny looking.

  22. Don't feel bad at all. Perhaps I'm biased, but friend, I'm right there with you. My girl is 5.5 months old and I'll probably celebrate once she settles down as she grows up. Yes, she was a cute puppy, I'll miss the sweet, adorable parts. That said, if I can't have one without the other and had to choose - full grown all day long. I love my girl, but she sucks my wind and I don't remember how a good nights' sleep feels. She sleeps overnight well, but a lot of effort goes into every small thing with her because she's such a basket case full of energy from the time she wakes up until late in the evening. I feel you friend.

  23. Thanks! I'm so ready for my guy to just chill out. Glad I'm not the only one feeling this. lol

  24. And when they get older the trauma will mostly heal and you'll look back at puppy pics and miss how small and cute they were. You'll start thinking about getting another one and then you'll starting browsing shelters and breeders. Then you take the plunge again, because it really is so rewarding when they grow up into good dogs. This is me right now. My oldest is 3 and I have a 12 week old. Hang in there ❤

  25. This made me chuckle. Pretty sure no more puppies for me, but love that you went for it! lol

  26. My golden is almost 5 months and weighed 36 pounds this morning.

  27. Teacher. My kids are older now, but I was often off on snow days and had the same holiday breaks as they did. Summers together. Although, I am one of the few teachers left who still likes their job.

  28. Crate training was so hard for us too! Hang in there. It will get better.

  29. So as a parent of a junior in college who gets 26,000 dollars in scholarships each year ( leaving us to pay about 8-9,000 in a tuition year) kind of wonder if she should take out a loan for her $9,000 tuition her senior year. Then I technically won’t have to pay it, right?

  30. Adorable pup and love the inside of your house! lol

  31. My golden ate a grape a few weeks ago. At the time he was about 25 lbs. He was fine.

  32. I used a behaviorist to help with crate training bc it was awful. Dog slept all night but went crazy when I crated him during the day. One day I had it. I needed to just get out of the house. I put him in the crate with a toy. Left the tv on and covered the crate. He barked off and on for the 2 hours I was gone. I did it again the next day. Same thing. By the end of the week, he stopped barking and went to sleep. He is up to 5 hours in the crate now with minimal barking. For us, covering the crate made the difference. Took us about 3 weeks to get to 5 hours. Crate training is hard! Good luck.

  33. Mine is absolutely fine with sleeping in the crate at night. But if we leave him there while we are out of the house, he panics even more and start chewing the bed in the crate. Before you suggest we take the bed out: the next thing he’ll do is chew the hard plastic tray, it’s happened before. :/ Our dog is a 70lbs GSD/Pitt mix. What is yours?

  34. Hi! Mine is a 20 week old golden retriever. He would chew on the crate and popped out a baby tooth. He also drooled all over his snuggle puppy and the crate floor. My trainer would come to my house and we would practice putting him in and going out of his sight. I probably worked on that from June to mid July when I told her I just couldn’t keep it up and needed to have a life. The crate was such a huge stressor for me because I am a teacher and he needs to be crated. Honestly, putting some of his kibble in a toy that he has to manipulate to get it out helped. I also give him milk bones when he goes in and that’s the only time he gets those. I leave on the tv and then cover the crate. The covering is what did the trick. Good luck. I know it sucks!

  35. Totally agree with this. And since he is so young maybe you can get early intervention services. Behaviors have the potential to increase with age, so get an eval and seek the help if professionals. Goos luck! Hang in there.

  36. Sit, touch, down. Stay for a few seconds so I can put your collar on. Build positive association with collar and leash and outside.

  37. Yes! My golden is almost 5 months and cannot do the command come at all. Everyone is always saying he should know that by 4 months. I’m not sure mine even knows his name all the time. lol

  38. A lot of success with command comes from working on incentives and distractions. I started feeding her in a snuffle mat and then standing really close and drawing her away with a high value treat. Right before she ate the treat, I would say come. Slowly I could stand a bit further away and just say come. Then you decrease the value of the treat. Watch kikopup! That’s where I learned it.

  39. Thanks. I will check out the video. My guy loves his snuffle mats!

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