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  1. does a straw have 1 or 2 holes?

  2. Got a history like Israel and Palestine!

  3. Regardless of the topic of the day, he has never said anything witty, clever or funny!

  4. lol, "additional" evidence that she's not dead? additional to what? That masked lookalike actor from the hospital christmas carol video? Just how long will people continue to try and cover up this tragic death?

  5. How many bodies does a typical Chinese cemetery contain?

  6. thats the same plane Led Zepplin used in '73 and '75 (til it needed repairs)

  7. You forgot the third cox2 inhibitor Bextra

  8. New commercial property developments design parking lots to be smaller so that they appear more crowded!

  9. Nice!!! Probably gonna hit this!

  10. He wants to get his shy business back!

  11. drinks are On The House!

  12. Just for perspective; Bill Maher is a liberal and he noticed the craziness of this guy. We all need to notice this

  13. Lol. It’s all scripted.

  14. provider status allows a practitioner to bill for time/service.

  15. Very sorry. Looks like he was a great companion.

  16. They keep getting older and their fanbase stays the same age.

  17. it'd be a lot cooler if you diiiid!

  18. Luciano wasn’t capo dei capi. Also Tony Salerno was allegedly boss for a brief period in 1981, otherwise good list.

  19. he definitely considered himself "first among equals"

  20. Um how do you lose 100 million!?!? Reminds me of right before 9/11 the treasury couldn’t account for trillions or billions I believe just poof gone and everyone was like WTF HUH!?

  21. Seen this happen as well to a good friend of mine when he does any speed or cocaine or anything like that and he becomes insufferable. That being said I have been to a couple Phish shows myself and even with this dude I'm talking about lol. Coincidence is real...

  22. Catch a nice buzz, take a nice trip. Sounds fun!

  23. Sounds like you’re familiar with…entitled tarpers level of assholes at phish shows, I am your brother in arms in combatting that behavior!! :-). Still feels special getting to hearing them (or TAB) live. Once or twice. Then I’m content. :-)

  24. i remember that surge! :-)

  25. “A man is as old as the woman he feels!”

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