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  1. My mkiv 22/45 is fairly picky but probably because I have an aftermarket pac lite barrel.. Needs lubed ammo.

  2. Bullseye North but that was a couple years ago

  3. I have both.. Both on rimfire.. The venom is great for the 34mm tube for big range of adjustment.. But for center-fire at those ranges the dbt will do just fine!

  4. What do you want to order, they ship anything to Canada that isn’t a barrel / receiver / gun. I’ve bought a lot and it takes a week or less usually to get it in.

  5. Ok that's good to know thanks! Looking for arca rail and bolt knob

  6. Pistol appears to be a Tactical Sports Orange

  7. Just the tactical sport.. Would love to add an orange one day!

  8. You and me both! I've only ever heard good things about the Tactical Sport though.

  9. Trigger puts my m&p to shame... Although that's not saying much

  10. In Manitoba cz75 tactical sport. I got a reference number June 23.. got transfer email Aug 11. 7 weeks exactly for private sale

  11. Manitoba.. Half hour outside of Winnipeg

  12. Anyone have a wait time for Manitoba? I'm on day 29 but who's counting lol

  13. All comments or questions about wait times should be directed to the FAQ thread at the top of the subreddit.

  14. I have a CZ 457 LRP that I’ve been very happy with. That model doesn’t seem to pop up as often here in Canada but any 457 variant is great.

  15. X2... On windless days can get sub moa if luck is on my side. Love my lrp

  16. I bought a couple recoil springs from them and had no issues. Shipping was pretty quick as I remember.

  17. I got through yesterday (I'm the buyer)... Seller got through the day before... After trying for weeks and rarely even making it to be put on hold without being dropped immediately I called at 8:59 to go through the menus and only dialed "2"at about 5 seconds past 9am.. Was put on hold for about 35 mins then got through.

  18. What kind of groups are you getting with the CZ? Which ammo does it like?

  19. Been able to get some 3/4" at 100 yards using sk standard plus.. Haven't been able to get any match ammo yet. Shoots amazing

  20. Yeah 17hmr... Like it so far! Although the mag could be smoother and chassis turns to ice if you shoot in the winter

  21. Still waiting for the transfer on my MK IV. Looks like you got the Volquartsen trigger kit I am planning on getting that too.

  22. Yes.. Clean break and reset and pulls around 2lbs

  23. I’m gonna take a guess and say it’s a Ruger Mark V? I have no clue what kind of ruger this is. Neat looking pistol tho 👍🏻 enjoy it while we still can :)

  24. Mk IV 22/45 with PAC lite 6" barrel

  25. DR21 F15E out of Mildenhall active now in Wales

  26. Perpetually protect number one because no one else will

  27. Got downvoted to oblivion yesterday for asking the same question. Apparently

  28. I started blocking convoy/COVID karma hunters.. Made this sub infinitely More enjoyable albeit a lot less posts. It's really only 15-20 people keep going on about it

  29. Most satisfying thing about restrictions lifting is watching this sub fucking implode (triple vax here)

  30. I have one on my 16.. Only disappointment really is not much choice as far as the end can goes. Sounds great and is less than half the price of anything else

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