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  1. The Persona Bond Forge mod has patches for a large amount of weapons mods including this one. It allows you to find or craft persona variants.

  2. I heard it has some issues in 1.4, so I haven't tried it out yet.

  3. It had a ton of issues when 1.4 hit but both the mod and the patches are working fine now.

  4. This is awesome. NZ is aiming to be pestfree by 2050 because they kill all our beloved birds. You go kids! Doing the hard mahi!

  5. Too bad you couldn't really do this in Australia, bandicoots and other small natives tend to also get stuck in the rat/cat traps

  6. Thats demented. What if I believe that I shouldn't have to pay for anything. I go to a special club once a week where I hang out with a bunch of other people who believe they shouldn't have to pay for anything. One guy in fancy pajamas spends an hour telling us how we shouldn't have to pay for anything. I have a special necklace with the "I don't have to pay for anything" symbol on it.

  7. So don't use them. I stopped 6 months ago. They're a shit service and won't get better.

  8. I've been avoiding all delivery for ages too. Too fucking expensive and the service quality has nosedived. Better to go out somewhere and make a day of it.

  9. Wow, I completely misread this thread's premise until I got to the bottom. I thought you were looking for movies for kids that have devastating endings! I thought, what kind of horrible experience do you want your kids to have 😂

  10. Saw 1 and 2 are genuinely great horror films. 3 is pretty good and 6 is a hidden gem. Beyond those, I think the rest of the series is hit or miss but they all have their moments. Even 7 has that great opening scene.

  11. I would hardly call it great, but 3D's opening is certainly memorably ridiculous

  12. That episode scared me so much that when I bought all the episodes on VHS, I NEVER TOOK THE PLASTIC OFF THAT ONE. it is literally still in plastic in my basement because just thinking about it gives me shivers.

  13. Haha, I know the feeling, then the other episodes on the tape don't get played either

  14. This is why mods being "integrated" into the main game is good for most modders who do thankless work for free so they can actually get to play the game

  15. I had a mod integrated into Stellaris about 5 years ago now. Was rather amused when I received an ‘update please’ comment a few months ago. They clearly hadn't read any of the comments or noticed that the feature was already in the game these days

  16. Upgrade Primitive Buildings. Very small QoL so it was probably more likely the devs noticed they overlooked the ability to do it in the game and fixed it, rather than actually saw the mod

  17. You can do even better than this. Pawns can climb over them so you don't even need the space in the middle

  18. The sound of the German planes diving toward the beach in Dunkirk terrified me on a visceral level that put actual horror movies to shame. I can't imagine how it must have felt to be actually there and know the sound could mean your death at any moment.

  19. They did a really excellent job of recreating the infamous ‘Trumpets of Jericho’ in that movie. There are basically no good recordings of it so they had to remake the sound from scratch

  20. As a 911 operator, no horror scream I've ever heard can compare to the wail of grief heard when a loved one dies. Not even Toni Collette in Hereditary can compare, but she does a good job.

  21. This is pretty much why the brick video is so awful. The pained scream of grief is horrific

  22. This is a thing in Australia too ngl

  23. Our trucks are longer than theirs too. Apparently they don't have road trains in the US.

  24. Oh right, I forget Americans call those trucks. But they're only driven here these days because the entire domestic automotive manufacturing sector pulled out years ago. The classic ute isn't made any more

  25. So, from what I've read the man's lost a leg in an accident.

  26. Of all disabilities to have in space, missing a leg is basically a best case scenario

  27. I've never heard the expression "old glory flapping in the wind". Eli5?

  28. This looks like a diorama for a sci-fi movie. If an actual photo holy fuck

  29. Actually, I really want a horror movie about the Jiangshi, which is a mythical Chinese ghost/witch hybrid thingy.

  30. I think I heard about a couple but they're a bit more humorous

  31. For the longest time I was of a mind that CoD and pokemon have a lot in common in terms of developer philosophy. It comes out every year and looks like garbage and is generally the same gameplay copy and pasted.

  32. It feels like a no-brainer to me. An academy setting is practically begging to be bloated with side quests. One of the easiest things to implement that would’ve been one of the most appreciable … in terms of loot it’d also be more believable than finding literally all held items, status items, etc scattered across the overworld.

  33. Willem Defoe's dick could make a few appearances considering it comes up here so often

  34. Annihilation 2018 if you can dig a Sci-Fi slant to your horror. I somehow slept on this one until this spooky season.

  35. Annihilation is one of the few movies that has left me thinking about it a long time after it finished. Really awesome film, shocked that I slept on it for so long even after all the praise

  36. I don't know what constitutes as "The Big Ones," but I'm going to assume it's theatrical wide releases like Halloween, Jordan Peele Movies and the popular A24 releases.

  37. Glorious is mad good, there are the makings of an incredible movie in there. I wish we saw a little more and a little less in places.

  38. I know social media is a huge part of todays culture, but I haven’t seen a movie that incorporates it well. It’s always some weird janky knock off livestream or whatever. It comes across as super cringey too

  39. It's not a horror movie, but I quite liked how Guns Akimbo did this. It was self-aware while not being demonising like we've learnt to expect from films about social media

  40. I'm pretty sure this happens in both the 2020 version of The Grudge and in The Dark and The Wicked. Wife is chopping carrots, the camera cuts away for something, it cuts back and she's chopped a finger off?

  41. This also happens in Colour Out of Space, but Nic Cage is a big actor so it's probably not what OP was looking for

  42. Not a good start. Check out the top rated films in the sub sidebar.

  43. I caught the ending of Jeepers Creepers on TV as a kid. If you know what the ending looks like, you'll understand why i was mildly traumatized for a few nights

  44. Caught it on cable at a similar age. I just remember the effects on those final shots being laughable then

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