1. The IRS isn’t looking for y’all tokens I promise 🤣 but 2 Trilly

  2. 100% agree my friend. I wish I knew how many holders other successful altcoins had at certain intervals from their launch but I'd be willing to bet they averaged at least 100 new wallets a day and not like 5. I really can't say it enough but combine the inu factor with a 59 quadrillion token supply and people are gonna stay far away from this.

  3. Depends on your perception. Building companies is very exciting. I know what you’re looking for is excitement in the announcement or public sphere arena, but now is not the time to waste good news in a terrible market. You really get one shot at that kind of thing, wasting it here isn’t smart. Additionally, telling the world what they’re working on or about to release just invites copy cats to implement our strategies and technology into their platforms. Like playing cards, sometimes keeping it close to the vest is the best option and when you lay down the winning hand, plenty of excitement will ensue!

  4. I understand but that’s not the issue. It’s been 7 MONTHS & 4k HOLDERS, with a supply of 58 QUAD. Do you not see the issue!? before we hit 5k it’ll be 9-10 months…..

  5. I’m still here! I still have faith but this project is frustrating me. Im down a lot & this organic growth is moving entirely too slow. I’ve been looking at other new projects to get into. Taking a few of my trillions somewhere else!

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