1. I wouldn't suggest comparing MSFT to those names as they have very little in common and operate in different industries. Nonetheless, I hope you're right as that would be an absolute fire sale.

  2. Agreed that we are trading now close to the actual investment made by CULT.

  3. The success was already priced in when cult purchased the companies. They bought it at market and hype peak.

  4. That's not how private markets work, but okay.

  5. Private markets are based on public markets. And they didn't just buy on the private markets.

  6. I your growth rate could be correct, but you don't explain where its coming from.

  7. HPQ has been buying back like 40% in the last 10yrs And 30% in the last 5 yrs. One of the main reasons I own the stock. Stock is cheap, they buy tons back. I like that.

  8. I own Hpq for the same reason. Add the dividend and you have huge shareholder yeild. Warren buffet also owns 10% so that's pretty much blocked. At this rate they will have privatised the company in 10 years😋 But I don't want people to know this because I want to buy a bit more😁

  9. They charge much higher monthly fees, and when you get money back they pretty much delay the year end calculation as long as they can. Mine was supposed to come in March, it didn't came until I decided to cancel my contract in October! I am now waiting for my exit bill, I expect to get thousands EUR back from a way go high fee. I felt like I am a free loan provider to them.

  10. Once leading tech company that's now behind the curve is focused on cutting costs, probably pushing a lot of talent out the door in the process, hiking their dividend and keeping a lid on R&D, and hoping that currying favor with the federal government will save them?

  11. Nah they are cutting in non tech functions like the sales team. Meanwhile they spend billions on new factories and innovation.

  12. Because they reconfirmed future market leadership by 2025 of chips. AMD and Nvidia will be queuing to use Intel Foundry by that time. Looks like people believe the story.

  13. I own the stock, for me one of the best ones to gain some China exposure in my opinion.

  14. How are we supposed to value their stock if you don’t know what they own? Like do they own 100% of these companies or like 1%?

  15. I agree OP seems to be clueless on why he likes the company.

  16. They stopped talking about the goal to have 12 farms, instead now they seem to be focussing on just 4 farms to avoid going bankrupt I guess.

  17. They didn't drop their ambitions tho. The plan was always to progress as the money comes - with 12 farms as a final goal. This hasn't changed.

  18. Yup but they postponed it, so they are now a growth company with a ton of debt that will stop growing indefinitely. I want to hear how they plan to reach this target.

  19. Well.. that definitely was a good guess

  20. Aside from all the obvious reasons why I hold the stock most has been mentioned here except:

  21. Because of taxes, some brokers even state that the dividend is taxed in the us, but that does not mean it should not get taxed in the country you live in. We have or at least many countries have a double taxation system with the US, however, it’s not so easy and some brokers just straight up refuse, because it’s in their terms of service.

  22. There is a tax treaty between US and Belgium, a broker like DeGiro can substract it automatically. But indeed the 30% tax is high but I also still invest in dividend stocks.

  23. There is a tax treaty between US and Belgium, a broker like DeGiro can substract it automatically. But indeed the 30% tax is high but I also still invest in dividend stocks.

  24. Eerst en vooral is de safe-withdrawal rate gezet op 4%, al is het best het toch iets conservatiever te nemen zoals 3%.

  25. Ja inderdaad 4% is de algemeen aanvaarde norm waar je geld kan opnemen van je Portefeuile en die ondertussen nog steeds kan groeien en bijhouden met inflatie. Als je de volledige 10% die je denkt dat de Sp500 zal groeien opneemt betekend dat je loon zal dalen tov inflatie.

  26. Im holding INTC, will wait for Q4 earnings before I decide to buy more. Only the future knows if the turnaround will work.

  27. The email says: Instead, cardholders receive up to 5% back when spending with these merchants, depending on their Card tier.

  28. What guarantee do we have that next the 1.5% cashback and airport lounge access wont be slashed? Investors have 0 security here.

  29. Both of them are cyclical and they a fantastic cycle in 2020/2021.

  30. As long as they buy back the shares its fine for me. However many companies do not do this and dilute shareholders.

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