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  1. Omg I wish 😭😭 I've never felt like my meds ever worked that well. To be honest I can't tell most of the time if the meds are helping or if its just the natural fluctuations

  2. I know in ferrets we use prednisone to slow the spread of lymphoma. I also would find the stinkiest wet food you can and water it down to encourage her to eat and get fluids

  3. I would have no kids over unless there can be 2 barriers at minimum between her and the kids

  4. If I watch a foreign show I will literally hear phrases in another language on repeat in my head. Idk if its like hallucinations or just really weird brain worms lol

  5. Its not great honestly because they get less nutrients because they're filling up on water. It can take some time to get them on thicker foods but just take it little by little

  6. It could also be another disorder causing it, not necessarily npd. Like I was a huge narcissist when I was manic/hypo. Like my ego was huge and I felt like people were below me. That coupled with the fact that I have horrible empathy issues made me think it was something else. But I do not feel that way anymore

  7. Was gonna write "what else could it be?"* Then I realized you mean you do want to be manic.

  8. Yeah I think its a mixed episode or something. I domt feel as manic anymore but this is the first time I haven't felt like im completely exhausted. Like im in between or something. I just wish I could stay here

  9. If you wish you could stay, then by definition it's not a mixed state. Mixed states are disphoric. Defined as a mixture of depression and mania or hypomania, to me they feel like angry/sad agitation. Not a good thing, but better than passive, look-at-the-ceiling depression. At least one has the energy to do something about it.

  10. I meant i wish I would stay in this exact feeling. Like hypomania

  11. GET CARPET COVERS or a rug. Ours had it down through the carpet,bad and to the wood. We had to replace the floors

  12. Can you open up about why you feel this way a little, self harm can be a way of exerting control of something because there is little in your life, it can be due to emotional trauma etc...

  13. Its definitely part control but also because I like to suffer i think..like maybe I've conditioned myself to be like this?. like to me getting the flu and puking makes me feel good in a weird way even though I'm miserable. I did apply for medicaid so hopefully I will get accepted because I really need the therapy but I would have to pay out of pocket right now :( thank you for reading it <3

  14. Hard to say, maybe you have convinced yourself, pain can be weirdly addictive!!!

  15. I literally just like being miserable sometimes. But not always. Like I get super upset with a sore throat because it feels like im not in control. But puking is kind of fun because I feel bad and its gross? Its weird

  16. You can always train to comfort you. It came naturally to my sd but I still reward him to keep up on it

  17. I cant yet. Its still too hard and it makes me spiral. I can manage full time sometimes as long as I know there will be a break coming

  18. Looks like my baby Joy who passed :( i only got January through October with her before cancer took her. 9 years is a great life! Its sad but be happy about all the memories you got to make together

  19. aw lil birds <333 and the bb goat ?! so cute What was ur last job - the 1 u mentioned - if you don't mind me asking :0)

  20. Petstore. I hated the practices but the birds were so fun

  21. Thats great as long as they have a pen so they can run and play! I just think its mean for the ones who only get worked a few hours a week and stay in hutches all the other time :)

  22. They are treated differently than, the for want of a better word, more molly-coddled house ferrets you find in America. There is a hell of a lot of enrichment that a working ferret get, it is just in a different capacity to what other owners might understand as appropriate for the breed.

  23. I mean I get it. They don't need to be in the house. But they still need to be able to exercise daily. Its like keeping a dog on a chain, its okay if you exercise them daily but if you dont its cruel

  24. I had tiny beetles from my ferret kicking food out of his cage. Literally gave me panic attacks multiple times. Hysterical. I haven't found any in my room recently but im so scared every time I check

  25. Really. I still feel they arent bad enough. Even when I have done it over and over and over in the same spot so much I think I have nerve damage and its all wrinkly looking

  26. If the dog was attacking their livestock/pets/them its totally warranted. Most times this happens its dogs going after peoples chickens

  27. You can dislike a breed without being a dickhead. I dont really love pitbulls as a breed either but im not about to go comment on someone's freaking pet and breed bash

  28. I feel bad because this would be me making music lmaoo

  29. I haven't been truly manic in years. Probably due to medication. I get like weird periods where I'm a huge asshole and I can't sleep and just do weird things. But its not anywhere near my old mania

  30. Listening to angry music i like helps bring me out just a little bit. For me its like punk music and its fast and angry so it perks me up and makes me less πŸ’€

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