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  1. Do I look like I know what the hell a JPEG is??

  2. I am hoping he will comment here himself, but my brother and some of our friends experienced the poetry brothel while my partner and I were at the Saturday Shebang. They had incredible things to say and said that experience made their Forest. Thank you for such a wonderful contribution!

  3. Well it’s nice that u have the privilege of being a man and can escape reality, women cannot stop being women so kinda impossible to escape for us. Even harder for BIPOC to “escape” that is a privilege only some can enjoy.

  4. I would prefer to keep EF politics free. I want to just enjoy the weekend and all the happiness and kindness associated with forest. It’s supposed to be a retreat from all the horrors of daily life. Don’t need to be reminded how much everything sucks. Do we not deserve any breaks?

  5. Music is political. Who is represented in the lineup is political. Do you think it’s a coincidence that there were so many women, Black folks, and queer folks on the lineup? That was a very conscious decision made by people who have political beliefs about representation at large events like EF. You are more than welcome to make EF totally an escape for you, but in addition to escaping, I personally wept during LP Giobbi’s set when her visuals got explicitly feminist. Political beliefs at music festivals are like abortions — don’t want one, don’t have one.

  6. I’d love to know, too! I was there for this song and it was blowing my mind!

  7. That authentic, visibly queer person lives inside of you, always, and I love them! Bring them so your Forest life matches a little more with “real” life. Love to you!

  8. I love this so much… EEAAO blew my mind and I unfortunately missed this years Forest

  9. If you go back next year, keep an eye out for us. We are planning to do it every year, it was that fun. And more friends will join us dressed as more characters from the movie! I think my brother is going to be the tax auditor.

  10. Issue with neti pot is that you have to boil water beforehand to sterilize it, which isnt really an option when camping. People have died from using unsterilized water in a neti pot. You can send bacteria,etc straight to your brain if you aren't careful.

  11. We were right behind you guys at LP Giobbi in the Grand Artique! Watching your interaction with the girl next to you guys was the best thing I saw that night!

  12. OMGGGG that woman was HILARIOUS. She literally was like the target demographic for our whole costume, sticker, concept for the day. It was truly a wonderful Forest interaction. I’m so glad you were there to witness it, because I laughed until I cried.

  13. i was trippin BALLS when you guys came up and high fived me 😂my friends had a great time laughing at my expression afterwards

  14. Yesss that’s what we wanted! Glad to have brought a little fun to your Forest. 🫶

  15. Do you drive in and have room for a bit more gear? Honestly, we just had a shower stall and summer shower set up at our camp, and our whole camp of 13 showered every day. I can’t really imagine upgrading just for the showers, personally.

  16. I’m pretty sure this is Littlefoot. He played bongos over international house music several times at the Grand Artique over the weekend.

  17. UPDATE: LittleFoot is working to get the audio from stage and post the whole set ASAP!!! @jaylittlefoot on insta for anyone interested !!

  18. Ahhh thanks for this! I just followed him. He’s definitely someone I would like to see again.

  19. She was absolutely incredible at that set. Couldn’t begin to compare it to her set at Tripolee, it was THAT good.

  20. Is group camping just as much of a gamble as regular GA in terms of noise from neighbors? I really don’t need A/C bathrooms and showers since we have a pretty legit setup at this point, so not sure Camp Hush would be worth it. And we have enough friends and friends of friends to put together a group camp next year. I just really cannot stand random neighbors playing bass music til 6 AM with their speakers pointed OUT of their campsite and towards everyone else. So just sort of wondering if when you do group camping if there ends up being a little more control over the sound experience because you’ve got a group space together, or whether there is the same dynamic of people at adjacent camps just blasting their music until dawn.

  21. I saw you during Joy’s set at the observatory, very cool dress!

  22. Thank you so much! And Joy was wonderful! Our friend just became her tour drummer so it was extra cool to see someone we knew performing.

  23. I commented on your sick outfit leaving Tripolee! Very cool!

  24. Thank you so much! It was really a labor of love to put together and the work got me through some hard pandemic moments. It was wonderful to be able to share it with folks. 💜

  25. It left me and my partner weeping, lol. It was honestly so wholesome and wonderful and it was great to see Black women front and center. The disco ball was incredible. We met a group of gay guys from Kentucky who had left the rest of their crew and all their totems at Clozee so they could watch the shebang as well (all first timers like us except for one of the group), and we all just hugged it out crying at the end. I will never miss it again!

  26. Please trust me when I say DJ Holographic. We saw her at Movement in May and she lit the place on fire.

  27. If you have a picture might help to locate it 😁

  28. Arrrgh, can I post photos here? It looks like I can provide a link and I don’t have Imgur? But of a newb here.

  29. Hell yeah. We got Tuesday early arrival so we can roll in at like 10 pm Tuesday night and then just chill all of Wednesday. I’m sleeping, swimming, and meeting people.

  30. Oh? So rv sets are just called renegade sets?

  31. Typically “renegades” refer to stages or sets that aren’t part of an official festival. They might be put on by music collectives who have traveled to the festival but aren’t in the festival.

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