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  1. GenXer here. We know. We figured that out by time we were 11

  2. I wonder how that many flips affects his body over time. Gotta presume his wrists will be shot in a couple years, no?

  3. Depends on how long and how often you train. Most people who are capable of this level train as kids while they are still growing and developing.

  4. When I do summersaults or backwards summersaults I don't tend to feel dizzy until after I'm done (and only a little even then), even if I do a few dozen in a row like Sonic the Hedgehog. You can kind of adjust for the motion and it's no big deal. Same way you adjust for vehicular motion, except it's your body.

  5. not really. Walk into any cheerleading gym in the USA and you'll find half a dozen guys like this.

  6. Game will be fun. I will watch it with 10 argentinos and 5 mexicanos. I am German, RIP to me

  7. It’s a “dirtbag left” podcast. It has either slid into being far right adjacent or always was and is more mask off nowadays, I’m not sure. I saw someone make the claim a few months back and did some research, but don’t listen

  8. ANSWER - English British courts: Not a gotdam thing!!

  9. I think that context is required here. Wales and the USA will be very difficult games for England because of off the pitch reasons. Iran likely weren't at full strength/motivation for their first game. Plus the US and Wales will just sit back and counter

  10. "sit back and counter", he said. I think that England was lucky to escape with a draw

  11. That's exactly what they did though, it wasn't a prejorative

  12. The US did not "sit back and counter". What game were you watching? They were more aggressive, took more shots and had like twice as many corner set pieces.

  13. Sounds good, Im just looking for a way to get better connection for things I cant get ethernet to (basically just roku sticks). By chance would the cables in the walls cause any slowdown or issues in speeds? I have some difficulties loading certian websites and have dropoffs in speeds randomly. Just asking because the wires were installed over 20 years ago for phoneline/dsl internet. We just rewired it this previous winter to be able to carry the internet throughout the house in those wires but since theyre so old Im not sure if they wouls have an affect in speeds/performance. I assume not but just wanted to ask if youd know anything. Thank you alot

  14. Unless you're very unlucky or live in a house that emits abnormally high levels of RF fields, using proper, quality CAT 5e or similar should give you consistent, reliable speed and bandwidth over a wired network.

  15. I believe we redid the connectors but never touched the actual wiring in the walls

  16. yank one of the wires and look on the jacket to see it it has the rating written on it.

  17. You'll want a solid understanding of high school chemistry as you will frequently use molecular weights to calculate ratios and material amounts (typically mass). I can tell you the atomic weights of maybe two dozen elements off of the top of my head just based on how often they figured into calculations (same goes for conversion factors for certain properties).

  18. It’s going to be a slaughter lol… 3,4,5-0 you barely held on vs wales lol

  19. Get back to me when your national team stops choking at every semi important match they play.

  20. I’ll get back to you tomorrow when you are on your way out of the competition 👍

  21. Well. We're still here and all across England his majesty's subjects are unclenching their buttcheeks... happy to have escaped the game vs the US with a draw.

  22. You live in a small office. 11 people is probably 30 devices (laptop, phone, watch/tablet/TV).

  23. Hey thanks for the reply! The people I live with aren’t tech people, and at most watch Netflix and check Facebook - we are two who game and that’s it.

  24. i've never messed with dedicated WAPs. hopefully someone else can chime in

  25. Don't. 40 bulbs is overkill and can cause issues if/when your network goes down.

  26. Don't mount the jack in the ceiling if you can help it (unless it's a jack made to proper tolerances).

  27. Spoiler: the entire roll is NSFW photos of OP's grandmother's gams

  28. Too many caveats for a universe where the rules of magic and science aren't well defined or consistent with themselves.

  29. This behavior will not improve with time. I'd consider starting the process of emotional detachment. You going to marry someone who badmouthed you like that regularly?

  30. The two countries have good relations and share some cultural touchstones. Then there's the whole yellow and green thing. Jamaicans love some yellow and green!

  31. You know, there is a bit of irony to an author having to invent their own expletives. It's like they wanted to be Tolkien seriously, found out it was too hard, and quit with enough work to get a passing grade. Someone get Cowl to raise Carlin. We need a professional opinion...

  32. Your guy likes wearing makeup. Go take him to see the Rocky Horror Picture show

  33. I feel the same. We switched from Verizon to T-Mobile about a year and half ago then they started only giving good deals if you upgrade to Magenta Max which would cost $50-100/mo more! Why would anyone want to do that? I’m seriously considering switching back to Verizon once our devices are paid off or if Verizon offers to pay them off to switch. At least at Verizon I could get Disney+ and Apple Music with their more expensive plans. Magenta Max offers me nothing since we don’t use hot spot and Netflix we hardly use.

  34. New Perk Unlock: Sen no ha (one thousand blades)

  35. 40 something yr old (non petroleum) chemical engineer here. This isn't a you problem, this is a boys club environment problem.

  36. unfortunately for germany next game is against spain so it might be the end of the world 😭

  37. Germany losing to all their former axis allies. They are lucky that Italy isn't in the tournament

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