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  1. Marriage is a religious thing and I would dare to say a Christian and Jewish thing . Marriage has a form, function, and figure.

  2. Know idea who Dane is but Gavin is cool. Very ecumenical but solid and convicted of his beliefs

  3. I wonder if Russ has ever done this without a camera around....

  4. Check out the link I sent you. Seriously

  5. Ngl, I find it really hard to separate Russ the Jesus-loving good dude, from Russ the now super shitty quarterback. I guess I’m an a-hole, but damn, it feels ingenious for some reason.

  6. You probably are an a-hole but it helps that you see that

  7. kgxv says:

    That was two months ago on Sunday. Need more recent information.

  8. A meniscus cleaning takes around two/three months to be fully back to normal. It stands that if we were in playoff contention he may have avoided the surgery altogether(unwise but its sports) or be coming back around this time.

  9. Even the store of value will fail if Bitcoin cant not generate enough transaction fees to make mining worthwhile once the block reward goes. Granted that wont be for a while but in the next twenty years will will see the rewards fall under 1BTC per block. Also, what good is a store of value when the fees needed to transfer your value are massive.

  10. Not drafting Justin Fields just nullified your whole post. You're absolutely delusional if you think Justin Fields has any success if he was drafted by Denver. Also, the dude has like a few decent games to his name. Too early to tell if it's just a flash in the pan or if he's the real deal. It's crazy how everyone seems to forget just how horrible he looked last year. Dude was a straight blooper reel.

  11. I'm not calling for him to be fired. All i'm saying is that he should be getting more criticism for the Hackett hire then he is and not being venerated . We are treating him like he is a two decade all time great GM who had one bad offseason when I think some honest evaluations would be helpful

  12. I dunno man. I feel like an angry mob calling for the job of the man he just hired is pretty critical of his choice in hiring him. They're just not calling for Paton's job yet. There's a whole political side to things. Paton can't just come out and start dumping on Hackett in front of the press. Just like he didn't with Fangio. That's a good way to ensure no quality coaching candidate will give you a second thought in the media.

  13. I guess my issue is that the view appears to be that Hackett fooled everyone and swindled Paton as opposed to Paton making a poor choice. Its less that Paton messed up and more like "how could Paton have known Hackett was going to be terrible"

  14. Easy gig if you have predispositions to do this kind of job. Very hard if you just pushed yourself into it lured by tales of big money for doing nothing all day long

  15. Depends on what we mean by big money. I'm making 70k with a job on the horizon in the 80's and I am very underworked. However, if big money is 110k plus then you will work a lot

  16. Nah, been away above 110k and have had jobs that needed only a fraction of 40 hours of effort a week.

  17. Wow. Can I ask what your background and general field is?

  18. What boots fir a tech/athletic style

  19. Oh check out Sorel. Some diff looks but always high quality and comfortable as hell. Waterproof, often. Sneakers, leather boots and other options.

  20. I really think Hackett/play calling is a bigger problem for Russ than most people realize.

  21. I thought Russ was one of the reasons we dont run play action because he wants to be seen as a Manning/Brady pocket passer. As much as I think Hacketts play calling is bad I think Russ may have an ego issue

  22. Yeah, but cmon, they could've found someone who atleast looks slightly like the original actor, britain is full of them.

  23. He is a different character who had a very minor background role in previous films. The weird part is having him stand in for scenes that clearly called for Crabbe

  24. He's obviously speaking out against anti-Semitism here.

  25. I get that but it is a weird response to Kanye's anti-Semitism

  26. What do you love about yourself?

  27. It means that if you were never alive to begin with, you couldn’t have died

  28. I guess we'd have to define what life means

  29. Go get Sean Peyton. He was amazing with the last dominant short QB. Convince him to keep Evero as DC along with his staff. Punt the rest.

  30. Whats your thought on Peyton's connection to bounty gate? Is it that he did not know what was going on or that in the grand scheme of things paying players to target opposing players is not a big deal if he can bring Denver wins?

  31. I guess in my opinion that what makes it overrated. I'm not saying it's bad, just overrated

  32. NLT is not bad for an early reader

  33. Ok, so it's up to your wallet to make the receive block. Did you open nault and unlock the wallet by entering your password? After you've done that, what happens when you click on the account?

  34. Thanks for your help. So I can open Nault, login, and click on my account. The account spins for a second and then shows the balance without the deposit. When I clock on refresh transaction nothing new appears. I have tried switching back and forth from manual to automatic and using a few different servers to no avail.

  35. Not sure what else you can try. If it's urgent, you could try with another wallet like Nalli (Android/Apple) or Nautilus (Android/Apple).

  36. So I used Nautilus and it shows the transaction but has it listed as unconfirmed. I'm going to assume this is a spam side effect and check back tomorrow. Thanks for the help

  37. If you're on Netflix, you can jump around and put it together. I think I had it figured out by the third watch-through.

  38. I just cant see how that makes for a quality movie

  39. Luckily it look like some people in that thread are having the wool removed from their eyes.

  40. Does anyone know why a transaction would be marked as sent but not confirmed on the network? I am trying to withdraw from Binance but the transaction is not confirmed and it has been six hours. I tried refreshing Natrium to no avail and even pulled my wallet up on Nault there is nothing there and no way for me to manually receive the send

  41. Does anyone have suggestions for where to buy steel plates with my seed printed on them? Or how to do it myself considering that having someone else do it may be very risky if they recognize it a a crypto seed

  42. Master Card doesn't want to be associated with knockout fetish. However, in the videoI shot with her, she left the KO on screen

  43. I also heard there was a concern with some of the ko videos being snuff films in disguise. So now there are more regulations on the victim being shown alert and cognizant at the end of the video. I bought one video where the producer explicitly states that he is alive when the video ends.

  44. I believe I made this subreddit years ago and then stepped away from the mod role. It's great to see all stars like yourself using it!

  45. Fast food hours and quality of service

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