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  1. Yes. You don't need the 3rd prong for the Sonoff to function. The third prong is just for safety, in case there is, as there should not be, power on the neutral prong of the two prongs.

  2. Create an account on imgur. upload the pic. get a http link. Post the link in your comment.

  3. This is sneaky attempt to ban handguns in Oregon. If passed, it will require getting a gun safety class from Law Enforcement. BUT it does not require Law Enforcement to provide the classes, nor does it provide funding to Law Enforcement for the classes. It is a Catch-22 situation. VOTE NO!!!

  4. Just ignore the "for women" part and buy and wear the cape!

  5. My T9 is running firmware version What is the current version?

  6. Use a raspberry Pi as an FM Radio transmitter with no additional hardware beyond one wire that acts as an antenna.

  7. In my old DVD copy during the initial pan-in on a wireframe Manhattan, as the Empire State Building, and only the Empire State Building grows, the twin towers are always off the left edge of the image.

  8. UITextView doesn't inherit from UITableViewCell. You need to subclass UITableViewCell, and in your subclass have a UITextView that is a subview of the UITableViewCell's contentView.

  9. Consider using the OpenSCAD re-implementation of gridfinity - OpenSCAD files are short, simple text files. Adjusting a few parameters lets you make what you want.

  10. In the '90s there was a Silicon Graphics Developer's Conference. There were two lectures back to back:



  13. In addition to using Xcode 14, you will also need to turn on Developer Mode on your iOS 16 Phone. It is in Settings > Privacy, scroll down to near the end.

  14. More a matter of both Xcode 13 and Xcode 14 will write to the same ~/Library/Developer directory and they can interfere with each other.

  15. I used to have a Nest thermostat, but I moved and now have a Honeywell T9. The problem with the Nest was that it was located near the furnace, which is also true of the Honeywell, but the Honeywell allows for multiple remote sensors, so it can measure the temperature of the room I'm actually in.

  16. Nest also supports external wireless temp sensors... Are you saying you instead have an array, and it detects your presence in a room to determine how to cool it?

  17. When I got the Nest, it didn't supports external wireless temp sensors. Yes, things change.

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